Ups and downs in a Beagle’s life

May 7, 2012

About three years ago, this shy and unsure little guy arrived in our home from the South of France (Provence),  just in time for my birthday 😉 A ten weeks’ old Beagle looking up at me with eyes that seemed to say: “Here I am, tired from the long drive, my heart and stomach feeling strange,  away from my mom and pack of brothers and sisters… Will you love me ?” If the picture is a bit blurred, it is because my eyes were a bit misty too.

A few weeks later, Nino was already exploring the jungle of lavender flowers whose scent may have reminded him of those vast blue  fields that spread over plains and hills in the Provence. Something familiar for him.Life is not always a tranquil river… (Title of a French movie). At 8 months, Nino had a surgery and came out of the vet’s with this strange and cumbersome kind of hat. It did not prevent him to walk and run head down though, scraping against any stone or branch that was on his way to some interesting scent.

Month after month he grew up into a strong, energetic and alert Beagle, always so happy to walk or  run along mountain tracks. Sometimes on the leash when cows were pasturing nearby, sometimes as free as the air and totally oblivious of my “retour/return !” command. My second son, a soccer player, gave me a referee whistle. Its shrill sounds seems to bring him back to me. Sometimes.Although  a Southerner, Nino really adapted very well to our  long winters. He is never cold nor tired to walk in the snowy forests. His short but thick fur keeps him warmer than any coat I could wear. No cold feet nor frozen fingers for my Beagle. On and on he keeps exploring and digging under the snow.At the end of March though, I almost lost my Nino. During a walk across a field, he ate something poisonous, real bad. I never saw what it was and the  vets who took care of him for three days could not find out either. He had a terrible fit, uncontrollable convulsions. It took him a few weeks and more medicines to recover. Calm, sleepy, recovering slowly but surely. I will never forget this moment of panic,  Nino trembling violently, his four legs all stiff, his imploring eyes saying “help me !” and am so grateful to the vets who cured him so well. A strong little Beagle.

Nino has now fully recovered, as you see from this picture taken yesterday during a walk. He is again the determined and tireless dog that he was before he got ill. Strong and alert in his element, Nature. This conqueror’s attitude… has he been  inspired by  Napoléon crossing the Alps ?;)  I think Nino still has a lot more to enjoy and explore. Happy Birthday, little buddy !


31 Responses to “Ups and downs in a Beagle’s life”

  1. Carsten said

    What a touching story. I’m so glad your little friend recovered from his poisoning.
    Happy birthday Nino.
    (No dog can look as guilty and cute as a Beagle)

  2. Oh what a beautiful Beagle. I have also one!

  3. Gerry said

    Thank goodness he’s back to his bouncy beagle self! This is a wonderful story, Isa–and Nino is an endearing subject. Happy Birthday little guy!

  4. sybiln said

    When first I read it, I missed the word “almost” … I’m so glad Nino made it through. So scary especially when you don’t know what he ate. Happy Birthday Nino.

    • Hello Sybil, believe me when I say that I am also so glad that Nino made it through ! I am a bit scared though. The vets told me Beagles and Labradors are dogs that are mostly treated after some sort of poisoning; they would eat just anything and some of them do not make it through. My little beagle was lucky!
      Nino either ate some poison (bait) against foxes or moles, or some very deteriorated food (moldy).

  5. montucky said

    I’m so glad he recovered! What a terrible thing to happen to a very cute little dog!

  6. Marie said

    Looking at little Nino just makes your heart melt…so sweet and adorable! I am so happy he is his little determined self again.
    He is a bundle of energy lol!

    • Hello Marie, I appreciate your words, my bundle of energy is feeling great again, hungry as ever and always ready to play, enjoying his time in the training courses with his pals too.
      All the best to you ❤

  7. shoreacres said

    Thank goodness for the kindness and skill of our veterinarians. I’ve often said I’d take my Dixie’s vet over most doctors if something happened to me – it’s both a joke, and not. They are dedicated beyond belief.

    Your story brought tears to my eyes – there’s nothing worse than seeing one of our companions suffer, especially since we can’t talk with them about it. I’m so glad for his recovery! And I’m sure you’re right, that he’s staying a little closer to you now. We all get a bit more cautious after close calls!

    • Thank you Linda, yes, the veterinarians in this special hospital for big and small animals were so kind and dedicated. “Our patient is doing better”, they told me after three days 😉 I am being more cautious, even when Nino in on the leash. This poison – if it was what he ate – should never have been in the field. Some people do not care about animals…

  8. Sartenada said

    Comment histoire émouvante. Je suis heureux que tout s’est passé finalement bien. Nino est très mignon!

    Belle journée!

    • Merci Matti, oui, tout va bien maintenant. Mais Nino est très curieux et glouton, je dois toujours être prudente durant nos promenades. Il est plus rapide que moi !
      Bonne soirée.

  9. He is a strong lad, indeed. Love his majestic posing photos and the gentle sweet ones, too. I hope he learned what NOT to eat and remains your faithful (though strong willed) companion for years to come.

    • Hello Scott, thanks for visiting. I have not been very present lately but will do my best now. Nino is so greedy that he would eat the craziest things you can imagine. Like you I hope he learned what not to eat any longer but the veterinarians doubted it.

  10. Tammy said

    Nino is so lovely! He photographs really well. I wonder what he ate and am so happy that he is better.

    • Thank you Tammy. He is very photogenic, yes. As I wrote above, he either ate some poisonous bait or animal (which is forbidden to use) or some very deteriorated food (mouldy). The various tests could not show anything precisely. If you saw him now, you would not think he almost died. I am very grateful.

  11. sonali said

    Nino is very cute! Wishing Nino a belate Happy Birthday 😀 It looks sad to see him in the weird hat that way. I wish for his healthy life ahead. I envy Nino in the snow picture, I too want to join him in the snowy land! Well, nice to hear from you Isa. Have a blessed day ahead.. *smiles*

    • Thanks for your wishes for Ninio, Sonali 🙂 This weird hat did not bother him too much as soon as he realized he could walk/ run and still enjoy all the scents along the paths. He is so determined ! Have a lovely week yourself !

  12. Genie said

    I love beagles and am happy your beagle recovered. Beautiful photos!

  13. Truels said

    A touching story about your best friend here. Luckily it ended well – like a real fairy tale! And I am sure that both you and Nino are living happily the rest of your days 🙂

  14. Janice said

    I’m so pleased Nino is now well again. That photo of him lying on his blanket when he was ill really says it all, and I understand how frightened you (and he) must have been.

  15. Giiid said

    Nino is such a sweet and charming little dog, he really has a look in his eyes that touch a heart. I also feel relieved to read that everything went well in the end. What a terrible experience for both of you. The photos are very nice, the last one very very good. He almost looks like an Indian keeping an eye with enemies.

  16. Your remark is so funny, Birgitte 🙂 Ninio like an Indian keeping an eye with enemies. You are quite right in fact. They were people walking behind us with a dog. Ninio maybe wanted to let him know who the boss was ? 😉 Or asking in their own dogs’ code “Will you play with me ?” Thanks for always visiting and commenting.

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