Abstract photography

March 17, 2012

This my contribution to Scott Thomas’ “Abstract Photography” assignment :  http://viewsinfinitum.com/2012/03/07/assignment-18-abstract-photography/    Something new to me, a real challenge. Today is March 17,  St Patrick’s Day. A day  coloured in green for all Irish people and friends of Ireland, so I might as well  start with an abstract picture in the shades of beautiful Erin.

I was attracted by this more urban abstract that reminded me a little of Juan Miro’s surrealist painting.

Smiling as I post this picture because of all the efforts it took me to make it look “abstract”, in spite of its very real nature.

A seasonal  photography, the poetic side of abstraction.

Lines, colors, contrasts soaring to the sky.


34 Responses to “Abstract photography”

  1. truels said

    It’s amazing how different your abstract photos are. Colors, shapes and structures are moving in completely different directions, and your fine series illustrates how abstract photo can be both beautiful, exciting and creative!

    • Thank you truels, your words are reassuring. I was not completely sure these pictures would fit in the concept of “abstraction”. It’s a first try, I will work more on it. Look forward to seeing your own contribution !

  2. photobach said

    Reblogged this on Photobach's Blog and commented:
    I Like the last photo

    • Merci photobach pour le “reblog” et le commentaire. Etrange comme cette dernière photo plaît plus que les autres, ce n’est pas ma préférée, mais chacun ses goûts et sa vision de l'”abstrait”! 😉

      • photobach said

        c’est une photo qui a un coté zen et apaisant. on a toujours un regard plus critique sur son travail. Et puis tu sais quelle sont les tiges que l’on voit et tu as peut être fait cette photo rapidement et tout bêtement mais ce son les choses les plus simples qui plaisent le plus.
        pour les tiges je dirais que ce sont des pailles??

  3. Marie said

    Such beautiful photos. The last one is so striking. I love the contrast and colors. For pleasing to my eyes : )

  4. Marie said

    I meant “very” pleasing to my eyes.

  5. Sybil said

    Oh these are fun ! What is the one with numbers/letters ? My favourite is the last one …

    • Hello Sybil and thanks for your visit. I am glad you asked about this numbers/letters picture. In fact it is the cover page of a book called “Museum” (a diary of all the museums I visit, pictures and comments). I cropped most of the letters – no numbers there – , turned the picture upside down and thought it would look abstract enough. But You guessed about the letters. Well done 🙂

  6. We are all such visual creatures and so sophisticated in our abilities to identify and categorize all that we see. It’s no wonder then that as artists/photographers we have to work so hard to create something abstract that is non-representational of anything we are familiar with already. Yet still viewers can’t help but associate what they see with something, anything, that is familiar.

    The green in the first reminds me of the green jello I served for dessert last night 🙂

    • 🙂 Dear Amy-Lynn, I am so happy you did not serve what you call a “green jello” to your family or guests ! In fact this half green moon is a member of a picturesque mushroom family that grew on a log in the woods…and I strongly doubt they are eatable. i love your comparison though. Thanks.

  7. Giiid said

    Isa, you are the queen of abstract photography! Your photos are so well “seen” and so good together in colors, shape, mysteriosity (that is my own word, but you know what I mean). Very very nice!! I have a hard job now, to find something that can match this, – a difficult but fun challenge 🙂

    • Giiid, no, I am no queen at all just an amateur trying to think “abstract” as I took these pictures. Mysteriosity is just what I planned to do, yes, and I am glad you enjoyed this series of photos. Cannot wait to see yours. Your mosaics are the perfect example of what “abstract photography” can be. Thank you.

  8. shoreacres said

    What I like best is the variety among your images. I saw the Miro immediately – so interesting. And I like the solidity of the third photo. Still, the one which seems to me the most “abstract” is the final one. It captures so well the “upward thrust” of spring without resorting to real growth. Even without having a clue what it is, I looked at it and thought, “Spring”.

    It’s just another form of “the force that through the green fuse drives the flower”. I might even title it “Driving My Green Age”.

    • “Driving My Green Age” sound so much like your way of seeing things and writing about it, Linda. I really enjoyed your comment. This “upward thrust” is the representation of reeds that grow along a lake in Morat/Suisse. This sculpture (plastic) was created for a Swiss National Exhibition a few years ago and it stayed there at the edge of the lake ever since.
      At the risk of disapqointing you, the abstract “Miro” is nothing as artistic… it is the shadow of a hook at the back of a truck trailer. I loved the rusty colours in the sunset. Thanks a lot for your visit and comments.

  9. Tammy said

    Isa, these are really lovely. I’ve missed your photos. I agree with Truels that each one is so different. I really like the frozen water but they are all so interesting.

    • Dear Tammy, so nice to find you here. Sorry for not having come back to you yet but things have been quite/too hectic lately. I will for sure visit you again soon. I also like the frozen water although it may be the less abstract. The little drops of water under the ice make me think of small planets in a kind of abstract world. Thanks a lot for your words.

  10. Robin said

    These are wonderful, Isa. Each one is so different.

  11. Nicely done, Isa! And all so happy! 🙂

  12. Gerry said

    Excellent mysteriosity. I like that in an abstract. It’s good to visit with you again. Happy springtime.

  13. Tracy, just went to your blog and found some fabulous abstract pictures ! I tried to guess what they were too. Much fun ! You really did well. Thanks for your much appreciated comments.

  14. I really like these abstracts. I know what you mean about trying to figure out if the photo is abstract. I think it’s kind of hard, as we know what it is, but then it might not be readily identifiable to the viewer.

    Thanks too for your comment on my abstracts also. 🙂 I love doing photos like that.

  15. shoreacres said

    Isa, I happened across this site today, and simply had to share the images with you. I suspect you may know Deschaumes’ work. I didn’t. But it’s magnificent – look what he’s done with those “cups-ful of winter”!

    • Outstanding pictures, Linda ! Some of them are totally surreal. No, I did not know about Deschaumes’ artwork but I will definitely keep this link you shared and follow his work. Thanks a lot for thinking of me.

  16. Marie said

    Hi Isabelle,

    I came across this blog and thought you might enjoy it as well:

    • Thank you so much Marie, I just went to Meredith’ blog and her flickr’s photostream. Very inspiring ! are you tempted to follow this e-course ? I will read more about it. Nice to share this link with me.

  17. […] we come to the person who inspired this assignment.  Isa’s photographic eye was able to find many kinds of artist looking subjects even as she is recovering from a recent health issue.  Thanks again, Isa, for the […]

    • Thanks a lot for your Recap, Scott. I really enjoyed trying to find abstract patterns and seeing around me in a different way. I also appreciate visiting our friends’ blogs, so much to learn there ! i have not done much visiting yet but in time will do. Again, thank you for your encouragement and inspiration.

  18. Janice said

    A lovely abstract selection! And number three is certainly abstract to me. I have no idea what it is! 🙂

    • Hello again Janice. Nr 3 of “abstract photography” is certainly one that I work on a lot to disguise;) It is a Museum journal of most of the places I visited over the years. I used the letters of the title (Museum), turned them upside down and added some texture. I surprised myself.

  19. very nice group, and i like the way the pictures relate to each other in a vertical line. My favorites- #’s 2 and 5 going down from the top.

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