White and more

March 11, 2012

Hello Dear you all,

As I just wrote in my previous post, it felt so good to find your warm thoughts and messages  as I came back home. Thank you so much for your visits, encouraging comments and good wishes, it really meant a lot to me. I feel much better and slowly but surely all my energy will come back.  As I left home, snow was falling heavily behind this window you know well by now.

Today there is still some snow around but the sun is brighter on nature green patches. I like to think that Spring is not far and that all sorts of colours will spread over our  Winter landscape.

Colours are everywhere though  even in hospitals where white used to be the norm. I tried to catch a few of them to share with you.All day long the light changes and brings out colourful details on a wardrobe or on a bouquet of flowers. Behind the curtain the evening lights look like stars and I loved to look at the houses nearby in the  soft early morning shades. Then there is this bright small lamp, companion of some sleepless nights.The lamp and the book. An interesting story and one I enjoyed reading. The story – based on true facts – takes place during  WWII when some American pilots had their planes shot down by the ennemy. Many of them died. Some  men parachuted over French Occupied territory and were lucky to be saved by members of the French Résistance (partisans). Dangerous days, weeks and months awaited all those involved in the rescue of the Allied soldiers, including the pilots themselves, of course. This book kept me awake for many hours until a nurse would check on me and say : “Now you must sleep !” But then during the day, she would ask me : “How is the story going on ?” 😉

There were quite a lot of emails waiting for me on my PC. One of them was from Scott Thomas at Views Infinitum.

The good news was that a new photography challenge has been assigned by Scott Thomas.  The subject is one I look forward to working on : Abstract Photography.

Maybe you would like to participate too ?  Please do. Deadline is March 21st, 2012.  All details are explained here :


A little “thank you gift” for  your thoughtfulness for me :Pour toi, for you, a choco heart !


22 Responses to “White and more”

  1. shoreacres said

    What a delight, to be sitting here as word of your post arrived. You must be so happy to be home, just as we are happy to have you with us again.

    It’s good to see you affirming in several ways that you will pace yourself. Our pleasure in having you “with us” again is all that’s needed. You will add color and light to our blog world, just as the flowers, cards, houses and little lamp brought color and light to yours. But slowly, slowly!

    Your first photograph is beautiful beyond words. The soft colors evoke the softness of snow perfectly.

    • Hello Linda,
      It is lovely to be back home, yes, and also very nice to read words like yours. Thanks a lot for your messages and wishes that touched my heart. I really look forward to reading you, remembering and seeing more of your part of the world.
      With much gratefulness.

  2. Gerry said

    My whole body thrums a little thrum as we turn into the lane . . . hooooome. Miss Sadie’s tail begins to wave, the Cowboy’s little stub wriggles. Back to our familiar nest, the beloved fragrance of the woods, the lap of the waves . . . hooooommmme. We wish you a delicious, peaceful homecoming.

    • I love your little thrum welcoming me back home, dear Gerry. I can so well imagine the scene you describe ! I am thankful for your wishes (of the three of you); it was a warm homecoming although my little-companion-to-the-woods gave me a rather cold look… as if to say “how could you leave without me ?” Nino has recovered since and does not leave me out of his sight.

  3. Sybil said

    Welcome back my friend.

  4. Carsten said

    Welcome back Isabelle.
    When you wrote that your health required care, I whished all the best for you. It has been a long time and I’m sure that many of your friends have been visiting here to see if there was something from you.
    I’m glad you are recovering. Meanwhile you could read a little more perhaps. I can recommend “Kafka on the shore” by Murakami. The story is not easy to refer in short without ruining the feeling of understanding that comes along with the reading.
    I spent a wonderful time in company with this book.
    The first picture is very good. It gives me associations to an old painting my mother had.
    Welcome back.

    • Welcome back here too, Carsten. It’s nice reading you. I smiled at your suggestion about reading Murakami’s “Kafka on the Shore”. We “talked” about it already, I have read this fabulous book a few years ago and enjoyed it immensely, as some of his other works too. Have you read the latest one : 1Q84 ? I did not yet.
      Lately I also read “La Lacuna” by Barbara Kingsolver. A great read and now I am in Louise Erdrich’s “Love Medicine”. You see, I am following your advice ! How are Frida and family ? Hopefully all well and happy to see Spring coming your way soon. Thanks a lot for your friendly words.

      • Carsten said

        My memory is playing tricks on me. We “talked” about Murakami, but I didn’t remember that you already read Kafka…
        I received the two first books of 1Q84 as birthday presents 🙂 I have just started reading the first one.
        Family and health is not good. I’ll post on it later. Frida (my great love) is very well and learning fast. I can’t remember the development from my own children. Look for an image on my blog soon.
        All the best wishes for a good recovery and interesting reading.

      • Weren’t you lucky to receive the latest Murakami’s for your birthday, Carsten ? Sorry about health and family not being so good. Wishing you the “bestest”.

  5. Truels said

    It’s great that you are about to recover again – and to see you back here on the blog. Welcome back!

    • G’day Truels, happy to see you here too and to visit more when I can. Thanks for welcoming me back.

      • truels said

        I’ve just finished reading a very good book. And after reading Murakami (or before!!) you could check this one. The author is Zoë Ferraris ( http://www.zoeferraris.com/ ) and I read “Finding Nouf”. And I can’t wait to read her next book “City of Veils”. More info to read on her website.
        I think she writes clearly and fine, and the books take place in Saudi Arabia, where it is clear that she has lived and knows this otherwise closed and conservative country from within. And portraying fine men and women relationships – through an exciting storyline.

      • Thanks a lot for your information about Zoe Ferraris’ books, Truels. I will check her blog for sure and look forward to reading one of her books some day. It is rare – at least for me – to read anything (litterature) about this country, SA. In the same line, I recommend the Moroccan writer, Tahar Ben Jelloun http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tahar_Ben_Jelloun. A great litterary work, novels, short stories, and more.

  6. sonali said

    I was thinking about you these days, Isa. What’s wrong with your health? I hope you’re doing good and you recover quickly.
    I love the window that you have. The pictures are fabulous.
    Looking forward to hear more from you Isabelle. *smiling to see you back* 🙂

    • Good evening, dear sonaly. I am doing better now and recovering every day. Spring is a great time of the year, a renewal you know, what more can I wish for now ? Glad that you enjoyed the pictures, I did not take many these days but will try participating in Scott’s “Abstract photography”challenge. Will you join too ? Take care, sonali, and smiling back to you 🙂
      Thanks a lot for your thoughts.

  7. I wasn’t sure how you were doing when I contacted you. I did not want you to miss what you so thoughtfully suggested. Glad I had good timing and that you are home and recuperating. Always good to be home surrounded by familiar things and people.

    Welcome home.

  8. My favorite of all your photos by far is the window at top. Every time I return to this page I am overtaken by an intense desire to sit at that window. How lucky you are to be at that window, how artfully you have shared it with us.
    I must add, your third photo of colors is striking. As a filmmaker I am impressed by your ability to see the color and texture and magnificent light on everyday objects in a hospital room!

    Well done Isabelle!!! And please be well.


    • Hello Christine, so nice to find your words here ! Thank you. I am doing much better, staying in the mountains right now, enjoying a cold but most welcome Spring. Colours are very much part of any day for me, I am a quilter and as such I cannot help seeing all the various shades around me. Those who are standing out, very striking and the others, more subtle, and blending in in more variations than one could imagine at first sight. Happy Spring, Christine, looking forward to reading more of you

  9. Janice said

    Welcome back, Isa. I’m pleased to hear your energy is returning. I hope that by now you are feeling back to your usual self.

    • Hello dear Janice and thank you for your good wishes. Yes, I feel much better, still in “slow motion” but enventually everything will be OK. I look forward to seeing what you have been up to during those past weeks 🙂 Bisous.

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