tokens of friendship

February 2, 2012

There are all sorts of connections and ways of communicating. Some more awkward than others but…when there is a will, there is a way. Personally I love writing/receiving cards or letters. For years I have been writing to friends close by or corresponding with penfriends much further away. I also like a chat with a friend, an unexpected conversation with someone in town, on a train or elsewhere. It all brings us together. Moments of sharing and smiling that may brighten up one’s day.Not too sure what these cables were meant for but they looked very picturesque šŸ˜‰

Who does not appreciate receiving a postcard now and then ?

Often friendship is built along the way. Once I received a card that read : “The long remembering heart requires no token”. And yetĀ  tokens of friendship are exchanged sometimes. In French we are used to say : “Little gifts keep friendship alive” (Les petits cadeaux entretiennent l’amitiĆ©).

Like this wonderful gift – more than a token really –Ā  I received shortly before Christmas. First surprise : the parcel came from Danemark. As I unwrapped the cheerful red and white paper and looked at the cover of the slim black book, I could not help wondering : “This picture looks so much like my own quilt !” I could not believe my eyes and I kept staring at theĀ  quilt in total amazement. Then when I recovered,Ā  my eyes went down to the title : “isathreads…”.Finally I opened the precious book and there they were : all the pictures of the quilts I posted on my blog were inside. Artfully presented on each page. A blue letter fell out of the book, words of friendship brought a wide smile on my face and a warm feeling in my heart. Thank you so very much, Birgitte,

for this special and wonderful gift that has been admiredĀ  more than once. It will be cherished always.

My own token of friendship to Birgitte, was this small quilt representing (in my own way)Ā  one of her colourful art mosaics.

Another lovely giftĀ  I received is this pair of mittens sent by Dena, my English friend living in Italy. Our wonderful and lasting friendship started unexpectedly. By a great coincidence, we used to write to the same penfriend in Indiana/USA. Our common friend thought we might well like writing to each other too (Dena and I). As I received her address, I sent her a small card to introduce myself; she answered with enthusiasm and we never ceased writingĀ  since then. We also met on various occasions during the past ten years.

This Holiday Season I sewed a little bag for Dena. She knits with some sort of round needlesĀ  and was delighted to use my gift to put them into.

Estela is another friend from abroad, I met her on flickr. She is a talented Brazilian quilter. One day sheĀ  suggested we exchanged fabrics. We started doing so and year after year we both enjoy sending gifts from the heart and from our sewing rooms. This lovely quilt is Estela’s gift for this past Christmas. Isn’t it pretty and thoughtful ? I love it.More treasures were packed in Estela’s parcel: samples of fabrics and patterns, a handĀ  stitched piece that I will use some day in one of my own quilts. All so appreciated !A while ago I had sewed for Estela these colourful parrots. Birds like those I imagineĀ  flying in her garden near the ocean.

A token of friendship can also be a visit or a call to someone. An unexpected conversation that may bring so much pleasure. A gift of one’s own time.Ā  A phone call is such a simple and direct way to stay connected. I love those surpriseĀ  conversations as I do enjoy the smile inĀ  someone’s voice when I make a phone call after too long a time.In the recent years, IĀ  have also been discovering the pleasure of blogging, of communicating with you and others all around the world. Getting to know your environment and activities, sharing your thoughts is a real gift. At the risk of repeating myself, I will say how grateful I am for all of it.

And since we talk about communicating… I must add that because of some health problem I will remainĀ  silent for a while, But I do look forward to visiting and reading you again. Take care, all of you. And be well.


22 Responses to “tokens of friendship”

  1. Carsten said

    I want to comment your post on this valuable subject, but it would be easier in my native language. Anyway:

    If all the persons you communicate with gets the same feeling of mutual understanding as I – you sure must have many good friends out there.

    I do hope your health will recover soon. Take care of yourself Isabelle.

  2. Marie said

    I am sending a heartfelt prayer that you may have a speedy recovery dear Isabelle for what ever it is.
    I am thankful to have met you through this blogging world.
    Take care ā¤

  3. Sartenada said

    Bonjour Isa.

    Comment ravissant post. J’aime envoyer des cartes postales Ć  mes amis. Envoi d’une carte par ordinateur n’est pas la mĆŖme chose! De nombreuses annĆ©es que j’avais “Postcrossing” comme mon hobby. Maintenant, quand je fais blogs, je n’ai pas fait ce passe-temps plus. Soupir.

    J’admirais belles photos de courtepointes. Si merveilleuses.

    Bon week-end!

  4. versana said

    I’m sending you wishes and good vibes in hopes it will increase the smiles in your life and make you feel better. ‘ Hope you a speedy recovery. Don’t stay silent too long!
    Thanks for reading my blog and looking at my “artwork”…lol. There, that’s it – a smile.


  5. Tammy said

    Prayers for your vibrant health Isa. I loved this post and reading your thoughts about communicating with friends and using our words to make new friends. Blessings to you.

  6. A wish for your fast recovery, Isa! I have so enjoyed getting to know you, your talents and your home over the last few years.

  7. Janice said

    What beautiful gifts, Isa – all of them. Truly gifts from the heart.
    I’m sorry to hear of your health issue and I hope all will be well and that you will have a speedy and full recovery, and soon be back to your old self.
    With love,

  8. Karma said

    What beautiful connections you have made over the years. Thanks for sharing – and thank you again for my sweet little pochette! I hope will be feeling much better, as quickly as possible.

  9. truels said

    I hope you will soon be well again. As Carsten, I think it is difficult to express how deep impressions your words and pictures about friendship, love, and these wonderful tokens are doing to me. They tell a story about a unique person, friend and artist. And they also tell you and us about, how many people around the world who now are wishing you a fast recovery…

  10. shoreacres said

    Isa, your blog entries, too, are little tokens – of your life, your creativity, your spirit. You show us so much of your beautiful world – how can we not be happy here?

    I noticed your puzzlement about the “gizmos” (as we say) in the first photo – the coils draped about outside the window. Ironically, I believe they have to do with communication, too – I think they may be a sort of antenna draped around by an amateur radio operator. Various kinds of wires are used – even if I’m wrong, I think I’ll believe that’s what they are.

    Best wishes to you, and hopes you already are on your way to health.

  11. Sybil said

    Isa, we often reap what we sow. Clearly you have done an excellent sowing job ! šŸ™‚

    Take care of your health and come back to us soon.

    Consider yourself HUGGED.


  12. Kathy said

    Isabelle, I am sorry to hear you are having a health problem. We are all wishing you better as quickly as possible. Aren’t you glad to be surrounded by so many friends across the world who care for you and wish you a full recovery? Your post highlights just some of the friends who care for you…

  13. What beautiful tokens of friendship you’ve both given and received! I hope your health improves soon.

  14. serenapotter said

    oh isa. how beautiful. i am sorry you are not well. if you want to send me via email your address. i’d happily post some letters of friendship to you.

    lots of love and happy belated valentines day!

  15. lola said

    Dear Isa, take care of yourself, your inspiring photos and posts take care of us!

  16. Gerry said

    I am so sorry to learn of your health problems. I haven’t known what to say – maybe just that. Your spirit has comforted mine, and many others, across thousands of miles. Thank you.

  17. said

    Dear Isa, hope you feel better. I included your blog in my choice of the Liebster blog award for the blog well worth to follow. Take care.

  18. sonali said

    Isa, I pray for your quick recovery from being sick. Your post just invoked all the memories I have of the tokens of friendship right from my school days. I love all the quilts you have posted on your blog, very pretty designs. Do take care of yourself, and come back soon with many more interesting posts šŸ™‚

  19. shoreacres said

    I’m only here to say I’m thinking of you, and hoping all is well. I miss your presence here, but it is most important that you take care for yourself.

    We’re very nearly to March, and the spring flowers will be coming. I hope they cheer you!

  20. magnumlady said

    Lovely photos, what nice people to send gifts. The quilts are really beautiful.

  21. Giiid said

    Greetings hoping to “see you” soon fresh and happy. šŸ™‚

  22. Isabelle said

    Hello dear Friends šŸ™‚

    Can you imagine my surprise and wide smile as I looked at my blog again and found all the many messages and good wishes you sent to me ? Such warm words and thoughts really touched me deeply. Thank you, merci, each of you for your thoughtfulness and encouraging comments. Thanks a lot also for all the “likes” sent by new visitors. It will take me quite a while to visit you all again; slowly but surely I will take time and see what you all have been up to over the past month.

    It really felt good reading you. Like coming back home and finding you all around, ready for a belated chat and more sharing.
    With much gratefulness


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