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October 20, 2011

This past Summer was quite busy, in a nice and interesting way. Yet every time I could, I managed to save some time for myself in sewing and quilting. My way of getting away from the busy surroundings and concentrating on new projects… although there  still are some UFO’s (UnFinished Objects) !

One of them was this small square of dyed cotton where I embroidered a feather for a great project initiated by Jude Hill. The fabric is dyed with a wild yellow flower called  “genista tinctoria” or “Dyer’s broom”. The  jay feather litterally fell in front of me one evening as I walked on a mountain track at sunset. Here are more information about this wonderful project; anyone wishing to embroider another magic feather is  welcome to join. There is a description and a free instruction here too.


My garden of roses is continuing to bloom, no matter the Season. Here is a lovely rose blossoming on an Indian silk.

Months ago when the terrible  disasters occured in Japan, tsunami, earthquake, flood and more tragedies, I kept thinking of  dear friends  living there. I had been given some Japanese fabrics and I decided to sew a quilt using those and others that I thought would fit in my project.  Sewing for a better future, for a reconstruction of the disaster area by the resilient people of Japan. This is only a small portion of the quilt. It has to be looked at  from the bottom to the top, starting by the huge devastating waves. The more one looks upwards, the more hopeful, colourful the quilt will appear. From distress to hope.

Also progressing, a soft lap robe for a friend who has not been well for many months. She chose the colours: brown, yellow and green. I found in my precious collection of scraps the materials and patterns that would be meaningful to her. She loves reading in the garden of the home she is in at the moment and I feel she will enjoy wrapping herself in a warm friendship quilt.

And last but not least… every member of our quilting group had to sew those small “pochettes” or pouches ? Next May there will be a large reunion of quilters in our area.  We will organise this event. Each participant (about 300) will receive such a little pouch as a gift from our group.“What is it for ?”, you may ask. Ah, that is the question ! The first one who guesses its use will receive a similar “pochette”. How about that ? 😉 In fact, there could be several utilizations for this tiny pouch but we have a particular one in mind.

Bonne chance, good luck !


21 Responses to “quilting pieces”

  1. Karma said

    Ces carrés courtepointes sont magnifiques! (Did I say that correctly?) I will have to make the rest of my comment in English, because I don’t remember enough French to explain: your cute little “pochettes” remind me of the sewing pockets we had when I worked at a living history museum portraying the time period of the 1830’s in rural New England. The pockets were usually tied to an apron and used to carry sewing notions: needles, pins, thread, etc.

    • Bonjour Karen, ta visite et tes commentaires me font très plaisir, merci. “Courtepointe” est l’ancient mot français pour “quilt”, rarement utilisé aujourd’hui mais très joli. Je suis ravie que tu aimes ma courtepointe de carrés. A sewing pocket ? What a great idea that I am sure some quilters would have. It is not exactly what my friends and I had in mind but I will mention it to them. The pocket is very small, you know: the basis is a square of 15cm (about 6 in); once folded the top part measures only 7-8cm (about 3 in).

      • Karma said

        I will be curious to find out if someone guesses the true use for the pockets.
        What is the French word that is used more often today for “quilt”?

  2. Karma said

    Oh, by the way, I am finishing up two more baby quilts (for a set of twins!) – I hope to have pictures posted by the end of the weekend.

    • Hi again Karen, the French word used more often for quilt is… “quilt” ! Yes, I know, another word borrowed from your language. But we also say “couverture” (blanket). Here is some information I found about the origin of the word “quilt” :

      “The word quilt comes from the Latin culcita meaning a stuffed sack, but it came into the English language from the French word cuilte. The origins of quilting remain unknown, but historians do know that quilting, piecing, and applique were used for clothing and furnishings in diverse parts of the world in early times. The earliest known quilted garment is on the carved ivory figure of a Pharaoh of the Egyptian First Dynasty about 3400 B.C.”

      Look forward seeing your baby quilts ! Where do you find the time to do all you do ??

  3. What a great collection of projects, and all so meaningful. You have been busy!

  4. serenapotter said

    yes very busy.

    i love your japan quilt.
    but gifts for friends contain so much heart.

    all beautiful.

    • Hello Serena. I am happy you like my Japan quilt. It grows very slowly depending on the fabrics I find in my boxes of scraps and what they inspire me. I like to sew it slowly, reflecting on the way an area and its people can recover after such a disaster. I agree with you, quilting for friends are precious because of all the thoughts and wishes you sew in every stitch. Thank you for your words, they mean a lot to me.

  5. Your jay feather is beautiful.

    Could the pochettes be for quilters to store their quilting needles and/or thimbles? The addition of buttons makes them all the more sweet.

    • Thanks Amy-Lynn, the Magic Feather Project is a wonderful reunion of quilters from all around the world for a good cause. I like your suggestion for the pochettes, it could indeed be used for needles and thimbles. Some will I am sure though the idea our quilting group had in mind is quite different. It has to do with shopping…

  6. Tammy said

    I love the projects that you are working on. I’m hopeful to find time to learn about fabric art one day. If those beautiful pouches were in my home, they would be used to hold the baby teeth that my children are losing. We would use them to put under our pillow for the tooth fairy.

    • Hello Tammy, what a delightful use for those small pouches ! In fact there are as many uses as there are ideas. Why not ? Thanks a lot for your visit and comment. I hope that some day you will find time for sewing, creating your own fabric art. No doubt you will succeed.

  7. truels said

    A lot of exciting projects you have started! One guess at what the latest is? It is soon winter and Christmas – and I think it’s a Christmas calendar 🙂

    • Truels, the morning is still dark and rain is not far. No problem, your comment made me smile widely. Aaah, your imagination… I suppose you thought of all the pouches together ? Well, that is definitely a great idea I will share with my quilting friends. Thanks a lot and have a pleasant day !

  8. sartenada said

    Bonjour Isa.

    I am so glad that You are making “courtepointes”.

    My wife stared at the last photo, but she could not solve the “mystery”. I have not seen anything like them, although I have been in many more quilt shows than my wife who is a quilter too. Two weeks ago I visited in two quilt shows.

    Belle journée.

    • Merci de ta visite et de celle de ton épouse, Matti. Je me réjouis de voir des photos de tes visites dans les expositions de patchwork, c’est toujours une occasion d’inspiration. Quant aux pochettes… toutes les réponses reçues sont justes d’une certaine manière, chaque personne peut les utiliser comme elle souhaite. Mais la vraie utilisation à laquelle mon groupe a pensé, c’est celle de Karma 😉

  9. Karma said

    I have returned to see if anyone had guessed the use of the pochettes yet. Could they be coin purses?

    • Hello curious Karma ! What a good idea to come back with such a guess ! You are quite right, those pochettes are meant to contain a special coin, the one you use in your caddy when you go shopping and don’t have the correct change (a 1 or 2 Swiss francs coin). A quarter in the States ? Some shops also give you a particular coin meant just for this use.
      So, my dear Karen, as promised you will receive one pochette. Just tell me what shade you would prefer, OK ?
      And Bravo 🙂

  10. shoreacres said

    What a wonderful post, about a wonderful item.

    They remind me of something an older friend made and passed on to me. I believe it is crocheted. It is a little bag, about 3″ square. The strings which draw it closed actually are crocheted through the holes on the other side. With the strings pulled tight by their crocheted “handle”, it makes a very neat little parcel which can be tucked into one’s “bosom”. 😉

    She told me that it was used for “mad money” – another idiom. I always thought mad money was money meant to be spent foolishly. No – according to my friend, it was money meant to get you home if you got mad (angry) at your escort for the evening!

    • Thanks again, Linda. I loved reading about the little bag you received and the use for it…”mad money”. One cannot be far-sighted enough it seems 😉 In any case it looks like a pretty gift you received. I had never heard of it.

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