September 22, 2011

Fall is about to start and I have not shared much of my Summer with you…

These past weeks have just flown by ! No real stress but  various activities that kept me away from the PC. Let’s have a look at some of my Summer windows that will tell you a little more.

There were several  friends who stayed at home for  a while. Together we visited the old town of Fribourg and some of the small workshops. Behind the bars, an old low-ceilinged room or rather a real Aladdin’s cave with antique furnitures, lamps, dishes, jewels, coins, precious fabrics, and so much more. Having decided a while ago to do some serious clearing up, I resisted buying anything. Do not think though that I have not thought of it !In the same area of the old town, behind St-Nicholas’ Cathedral, there is a small art gallery I visit now and then. I went there with other friends on a rainy Sunday morning. A very colourful and joyful exhibition welcomed us. A painter/textile artist and a ceramist had created special artworks that I will show you in more details later. The gallery window showed a big white canvas where the Italian artist had sewn or stuck all kinds of fabrics and other materials. Fascinating ! And so inspiring. This is part of the view from our car window as we drove to the mountains with the family. Italy is right behind those mountains on the right but on that particular day we turned left to the Alps and the village where we took part in a family celebration.

Another view from our car window. We were driving on a highway along the Lake of Geneva.  Switzerland is on your right, the French shore on the left. The city of Geneva lies on the far end of the lake. On a clear day, at any hour but especially at sunset this landscape is just breathtaking. Can you spot the first autumnal mist on the French side ? Just in case you wonder about these two pictures … I was not the driver.

Up in the mountains and strolling through an almost abandonned hamlet. A young couple whose great-grandparents had lived there earlier had decided to restore their chalet. They started with the roof and the windows. I  must say it was a happy and encouraging sight for this tiny village is a precious memory of past times although modern additions (road, electricity…) make life easier up there.

A daily hike to high mountain pastures (about 7000ft). Two energetic dogs were so happy to meet and run together : a tourist Beagle 😉 (my Ninio) and a resident Jack Russel. A young French lady lives in the small stone house for the Summer Season while the cows graze up there. Her window opens on a bare landscape but for a few “arolle” trees. There are a special kind of pines (Pinus Cembra) which resist the low temperatures in Winter. Her window also opens on a vast corrie of mountains. The lady is the cheese maker of this particular pasture. The large round pieces of cheese she produces are very sought-after for their particular taste. If cows could speak, they would tell you how good the grass tastes up there with all the wild flowers covering the pastures from June till end of August.This is my kitchen window at home. One I never tire to look through at any Season. At this time of the year the greenness is dazzling. The rowan-tree attracts lots of birds who take their turn more or less patiently to eat its berries. It is noisy, happily so. The wheat field is blazing under the sun. In the evening I love to stand there and watch the sun disappearing slowly behind the forest. I am so lucky – and grateful – to live so close to nature !

Now, this is a window I could honestly have done without… Its unfathomable darkness saddens me so much. After camera and  printer let me down,  my laptop refused to respond and start. Yes ! Three devices I took for granted for years just went blank at a few months interval. I must add they all had almost the same age and probably were  tired of working. Or of me, who knows ? This black window is also a reason why I did not post much lately. I had to rely on other computers not always available. Now I am back to the family’s old PC.  I cross my fingers – and toes –  for the good old computer to last until I can offer myself a new computer !

Not being able to post much had also advantages : I read and sewed more 🙂

More about it later. So I hope !


30 Responses to “windows”

  1. Cindy said

    I love the photographs, reminds me so much of my time in Europe. So sorry about your laptop, horrible when electronica misbehaves.

  2. sartenada said

    What a lovely set of photos with great variety! They all are so beautiful.

    I love especially the fourth photo from the top. I remember Le lac Léman when we visited in Genève. The third photo from the bottom pleases me very much. There seems to be nice hiking place.

    I am so sorry also about Your laptop.

    • Thank you Matti. Le lac Léman est beau en toutes saisons. J’espère que tu as eu la chance d’y faire un tour en bateau à aubes ? (sidewheeler) La Suisse est un très petit pays mais varié; on passe de la montagne au lac en peu de temps et c’est chaque fois un dépaysement. Merci de tes mots. Je te rendrai visite dès que possible.

  3. Janice said

    Welcome back Isa. What a busy summer you have had. I hope autumn brings a little more time for relaxation and blogging of course. I have missed your lovely posts, but I enjoyed seeing all your windows in this one. Except for that last one, of course… 😦 My favourites are the first one and the view from your own kitchen window.

    • Hello dear Janice, so lovely to read you again and to be back, of course, in spite of all the trouble. I like your new picture. My kitchen window is a view I enjoy seeing many times a day. Always different, at every Season from morning till evening. I also hope that Autumn will be quieter. Looking forward to visiting you soon 🙂

  4. lola said

    Thank you Isabelle for that lovely trip. What a beautiful country! I like your kitchen window with that bright yellow curtain and the orange flower!
    Now, you know that i was going to ask you for that colourful quilt in the headboard (?), don’t you? Did you make it? Might we see more of it? It looks great…and i feel curious about the textil artwork too!.

    Camera, printer and laptop?Quite a tragedy!!.

    • Lola, I am glad you enjoyed the trip through some of my Summer windows. Andalucia is a beautiful area too ! My kitchen is in yellow shades, a warm colour in all Seasons especially in Winter. And yes 😉 I knew you would ask about the new header… I posted about it long ago, here is the link about its history :
      I have not worked much more on it but as I flew to Istanbul last year, I found a picture in the plane that was really inspiring for sewing on. So let’s hope I will find enough time to move on with this quilt. Thank you for your lovely comments.

  5. truels said

    Hello Isa! I’m happy you are back in business again – and what a super start looking at/through all these windows. – A brilliant way to show off some of your experiences! Some of them causes me to miss a trip in the Alps in summer time.
    I hope the pc is working stable now 🙂

  6. Tammy said

    Reading and sewing and looking out the window are lovely ways to spend your time. Thanks for sharing these with us. You’ve captured them in such a sweet way.

  7. Carsten said

    It is nice seeing you back Isabelle. Maybe the hardware became tired. Isn’t repair an option?
    Anyway, I’m not tired of reading your posts. It is refreshing with a tour in the mountains. I’d like to taste the chese and breathe the fresh air.
    You have a wonderful view from your kitchen window.
    Looking forward to your next post…

    • Thanks for the comment and visit, Carsten. No, alas, repair is no option neither for the printer nor the the laptop. Such devices are not made to last these days…
      Not tired of reading my posts ?;) that’s nice to hear. Soon you will be able to read about reading…

  8. Marie said

    Dearest Isabelle, so happy to see you back. What lovely photos (as always! : )
    Sorry to hear about your computer and other electronic devices.
    Your kitchen window is sooo peaceful looking.

    • Hello dear Marie, so lovely to find you here again. Thanks for your words I always enjoy reading. I love my kitchen window, all year around there is beauty and changes to look at, from morning till evening. Maybe I should take pictures of the kitchen behind the window 😉

  9. And never does your country ceases to amaze me. I dont know if you’ve read my earlier posts- sometime in my life when i’ll be done with climbing the ladder, I would like to retire and go to the alps. Build a small farm, look at the cows graze and make cheese while my St.Bernard barks outside. That is what I live for Isa. Your post just refreshed my dream. Thank you.

    Oh, and I know what you mean when you say you hate that black screen. Ive been through it only last month.

  10. Rukmini, I loved your reply, your dream, all you yearn for. For the past years there have been many people from India visiting my country, a lot of them go to the Alps. Some movie crews shoot films too, I have seen one recently in my small home town. Who knows ? some day we might meet in the Alps and I will be your guide 😉 Thanks a lot. I have not read this post of yours yet but will look for it.

  11. iniyaal said

    Hi Isa… This is a lovely post. Except for the last pic, all of your other windows look soooo cheerful and pretty. It is amazing to see those beautiful landscapes and rustic cottages. Your world is so very fascinating.

    • Thank you iniyaal. I am always fascinated by windows. Their exterior aspect and the life that goes on behind a window. I like my windows without any thin curtains to be more in touch with nature. Inside the house though I like to decorate them with an orange linen curtain. Your own world is very attractive and so diversified too.

  12. Isn’t it amazing when you think of all the beautiful unique things each of has an opportunity to see … even during a single summer. Sometimes I quietly observe this beauty in my mind and try to take a mental image of it. This is how your post reads to me. Like I have seen the beauty in your life through the images you note in your mind. Very good post!

    • Hello and thanks a lot, Sherri. You are quite right with your remarks. I think we are lucky to notice all the beauty around us at any time. And then what a great gift to be able to enjoy more through one another’s images ! It’s like when you share your artwork, first imagined, made, shared with us. Wonderful inspiration and beauty.

  13. Giiid said

    Isa, you are a master of creating a lovely and inviting atmosphere at your blog, your mix of photos are so balanced in subject, color depth, full of joy. Thank you for a nice moment reading it.
    I haven´t been blogging much lately either, but never the less thinking of my blog friends almost every day. We blog friends have been blogging for such a long time now, that smaller breaks hopefully doesn´t spoil our relation. Anyway, I expect it to be for life. 🙂

    It is a bit strange with your “black” computer, and the other things that doesn´t work anymore, – perhaps a lightning have hit a cable or something? …at least you will be updated when you get another computer, though this always seems like something one could be without, when hours and hours have gone and there still are new things to learn. 🙂

    • So lovely to read you, dear Birgitte ! Thank you for such kind and friendly words. It is true, we have been blogging for quite a while now. Breaks are just that, breaks! Pauses for a reason or another. What a pleasure it is when you or another blog friend comes back online. We almost “lost” Gerry ! did you realize that ?
      You guessed right about my black computer. We had a very violent storm a few weeks ago, the internet connection was damaged and some time later my own laptop was in trouble with the RAM (random access memory). It is beyond repair. I am too much on the way right now to think of buying a new one but later certainly.

  14. sonali said

    Hi Isa, I truly admire the beauty by the windows, i like the pretty flowers there. I guess autumn has brought variances in the nature your side. I especially like the window view from your own kitchen. It simply looks pure and fresh! 🙂

    • Hello sonali, nice to see you back. My windows will have another look soon, Fall is on its way and nature is changing for warmer and softer shades. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  15. nadia said

    Thanks for your photos–makes one sort of nostalgic. But fortunately fall has arrived, which encourages quilting! Happy Quilting!
    best, nadia

  16. Carsten said

    Thank you for visiting Isabelle. I hope you’ll get your pc soon. I miss your posts. They are always so positive in their expression, and makes me want to go and see your country for myself.

    • Good evening Carsten. Thanks for such warm words… on a particularly cold evening ! The old PC I am writing on seems to be OK right now. Let’s see how long. I travelled quite a bit through Switzerland this past Summer and realized that in a short time and few kms the landscape was so different and attractive. I hope that one day you will see this for yourself 🙂

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