August 7, 2011

Summer  is a bouquet of wild violets catching the late afternoon sunrays

Summer is the scent and sweet taste of fresh raspberries just picked in the garden.

Summer is also the colourful sight and sound of laundry drying in a warm breeze.

Summer is the Season when straw hats  bloom under the heat.

Summer is another beautiful opportunity to play “cache-cache” (hide and seek) in the meadows with your friend.

Summer is a time for many celebrations.

In Summer roses of all shades and shapes love to blossom.

 For me, Summer is also a time for living at a different pace, a slower and more relaxed one. This is not always possible, alas. When things become too hectic around me, I remember this view and moment : an old barge anchored along a large river crossing a big French city, Lyon. Its owners had transformed it into a floating house. Its terrace looked inviting and I loved its “hanging gardens”. This is also my idea of Summertime.

What is yours ?


55 Responses to “summertime”

  1. truels said

    Wonderful summertime post, Isa!!
    For me summertime is relaxing in slow pace mode, flowers, fruits, travelling (short or long distances!) and seeing new places and people.
    This summer is a little different. I got a new job June 1, so I have been working most of the summer – and enjoying it! Look here where I work:

  2. Cindy said

    So pretty, and a belated happy anniversary 🙂

    • Thank you dear Cin. For your visit and wishes. The cake was made with “profiterolles”, surely you know those ? Some were filled with vanilla cream others with chocolate mousse. I know you would have loved it 😉

  3. Karma said

    Happy birthday! I do remember that bit of French without having to double-check with Google translate.
    Lovely view of summer. I was thinking of posting a similar blog post myself today, with pictures and feelings about my favorite season of the year.

  4. lola said

    Happy birthday Isabelle! Yesterday (7th) was my birthay too!

    My summer image is always by the sea playing and running in the sand with my brothers and sister, eating watermelon and swimming and taking a nap under the shadow of a fabric hut. Going back home with my family at night, walking under the stars.

    That quilt look pretty!!

    • Feliz Compleaños, Lola ! Did someone sing “Las Mañanitas” for you ? I love your thoughts of Summertime at the beach, this is also something I would wish for myself. The quilt is an appliqué of various roses, there will be beads too. An experiment I am enjoying.

  5. Kathy said

    I love your summer-time images, Isa. Happy HAPPY birthday! I wrote a blog about raspberries on one of my blogs yesterday which describes an exquisite taste of summer-time:

    • Thank you so much for your wishes, Kathy ! I did not know about this new blog, I look forward to visiting it soon. Aren’t raspberries exquisite fruits ? They are gone now but others are coming, apricots, prunes, bromberries, grapes… All delicious.

  6. Sweet corn is a taste of summer I look forward to every year and we are in the middle of it. Another part of summer..lazy afternoons reading a good book on the lawn lost in the words creating images in my head.

    • Hello and thank you, Scott. Sweet corn tastes so nice, I love it too. Reading a good book on the lawn ? Definitely my kind of Summerly afternoon. If you are looking for a good book, here is one I really enjoyed : “Three Stages of Amazement” by Carol Edgarian. Could not put it down…

  7. Carsten said

    Joyeux Anniversaire Isabelle.
    Sorry for the delay.
    This is a beautiful summer photo series.

    My favourite summer days:
    I like to have guests for dinner in the garden. In the evening perhaps a fire to keep the mosquitos away. A guitar to supplement the blackbird singing the sun down. And finally the nordic night which doesn’t get dark except for a long hour around 1 AM.

    • Merci Carsten. No problem about belated wishes…as long as they do not add another year ! Your Summer Nordic nights sound superb with this special light and mood. Next week we will have guests staying at home, there will be dinner in the garden and lemongrass candles to keep the mosquitoes away. Night falls around 9pm around here, the moon is almost full.

  8. Tammy said

    Happy Birthday Isa! You certainly captured the sites and scents of summer with your camera. For me, it’s often about special seasonal foods; peaches, berries, rhubarb.

    • Thanks for your wishes and comments, Tammy, much appreciated. like you I enjoy those special Summer foods, fruits and veges, all delicious at this Season. Our small garden is a real treasure !

  9. Giiid said

    Happy birthday Isa, I hope you had a lovely day. Your colorful photos are so encouraging, and what a beautiful cake!! Did you make it yourself or did you buy it? My next cake will be inspired by yours, that´s for sure. The old barge is a good illustration of a peaceful place, i´ll take a seat, too.

    • Hello dear Birgitte ! I am happy you enjoyed these photos from my Summer. A hard choice since there is so much to share in terms of colours at this Season. The cake was bought by my husband and sons but they prepared a lovely lunch for the occasion. Thanks for your wishes and warm words always. Happy Nordic Summer to you too !

  10. Marie said

    Hi Isabelle,
    Such lovely Summer images. I received your lovely envelope/letter. Merci’ ❤
    My favorite Summer things are to Spread a blanket out on the lawn under the shade trees by the shed and make myself an iced coffee and stitch. Another favorite thing is going to the beach/lake and watching all of the fabulous antique/new boats on the lake.

    • Hi Marie, I am glad your received the enveloppe/letter. Thanks again for the beautiful fabrics. I have been working on this rose garden during the past months. Very enjoyable. How lovely to spend some time on the beach or on the lawn, stitching. I could join you and quilt ! 🙂 I wish you a pleasant Summer weekend, dear Marie.

  11. My summer is six months away – but I’m enjoying everyone else’s vicariously!

  12. Thanks to truels, smartpeopleiknow and the wuc for your “likes”.

  13. Janice said

    Bonjour Isabelle, et bon anniversaire – un peu en retard, je crois.
    Your photos are lovely, and every one of them says ‘summer’ to me! Hope you are enjoying yours.
    Janice. x

    • Merci beaucoup, Janice. Désolée de ne pouvoir être plus présente dans mes visites chez toi. Mon été est beau mais un peu trop chargé… I am looking forward to visiting you soon:)

  14. Mary Ann Wakeley said

    So many beautiful and inspiring images! I love them all especially the floating summer house with it’s lovely garden on the water. I am going back to view each image again… a refreshing summer treat. A happy weekend to you! xx Mary Ann

    • I enjoyed your visit, Mary Ann. The floating Summer house is a dream of mine. Happy colourful weekend, beautifully creative or relaxing. Either one very pleasant :)Thanks for “liking” this post.

  15. A belated Happy Anniversary! What beautiful shots Isa. I’m drooling at the first photograph where you used the antique green bottle. I have always been a fan of your needle work and photograph! Truly.

  16. Belated Happy Anniversary Isabelle! As usual, love your photographs and specially the first one with the green glass bottle. Its absolutely refreshing

    • Thank you Rukmini. I had an idea you would like this green glass bottle 😉 there used to be olive oil in it. A delicious one brought back from the Provence in France. Like you I enjoy recycling all kinds of bottles !

  17. nadia said

    Lovely images for the summer…I like the barge with it’s container garden. I wish I could have such a good outlook on the season, but for me, it’s just trying to get through the heat and keep the garden alive. On the other hand, I could was poetic on the autumns and springs in Tunisia!
    best, nadia

    • Thanks for the visit and comment Nadia. I realise how hot and dry your Tunesian Summer is. Autumn is not far… and with it the enjoyable shade of your lovely garden or cool house. In Africa they usually have this special way of building houses/windows which provides a natural air conditioning. Hope it is the same with you.

  18. shoreacres said

    Beautiful images, Isabelle – so evocative of all the tastes, sights and sounds of summer.

    This has been a very unusual summer indeed. Between my dear Mama’s death and the terrible drought that continues on, it seems as though summer has never arrived, or has passed on its way without anyone glimpsing its usual pleasures. Everyone is restless, longing for green and growing.

    But, while we wait, people like you help to keep the memories of “real summer” alive. At least our peaches have been good. My freezer is filled, and when winter arrives, there still will be a taste of the summer-that-never-really-way to enjoy!

    • Thanks so much Linda. I have not been very present lately, neither for writing nor for visiting/commenting, I regret it. I appreciate your words and thoughts and know how different your Summer was. Your great loss and this unrelenting heat that is so hard to put up with for so long. I am happy if my images could bring you some coolness and greeness. You will certainly enjoy the sweet peaches when Winter comes 🙂 Take care Linda.

  19. I’m also feeling the joys of summer – baseball games on the bay, boating on the lake, heirloom tomatoes at the market, sunshine and romance!

    • Hi Sherri ! It’s lovely to know what Summer means to each of us and how we spend it according to our environment. Boating on the lake is a favourite of mine. Enjoy you Summer, days are getting shorter already ! Thanks for your visit.

  20. sonali said

    Hi Isa,
    I landed over here through Kathy’s blog links, and found your summertime pictures very interesting and pretty. Vibrant and Colorful!! 🙂

    This is sonali from India. I hope you have a fabulous day!! 🙂

  21. sartenada said

    Heureux anniversaire (en retard) Isabelle.

    This was lovely post full with sun shine. I just came back from my walking daily tour (it was slightly raining) and the sun started to shine at same moment when I read Your post. Miracle?

    My summer highlight was our holiday trip beyond the Arctic Circle.

    Belle Journée!

    • Hello Matti, ça fait plaisir de te revoir après ton long voyage. Je me réjouis de découvrir le Cercle Arctique à travers tes photos. Ravie de savoir que mes photos t’ont apporté le soleil 🙂

  22. “Summer is the scent and sweet taste of fresh raspberries just picked in the garden.”…your picture is worth a thousands words…and bit late but my warmest wishes to you…

  23. shoreacres said

    Just a hello, and a wish that your summer might be lingering a bit. With the equinox nearing, it won’t be long before full autumn has arrived – a season with its own joys, I might add!

    The best news of this past few days – my mother’s beautiful clock is chiming again. I love the sound of its ticking in the quiet house – very soothing.

    • Hello Linda ! How very nice to read your warm words, so lovely to stop by. I have been rather busy this past month, and silent on the blog. Summer is lingering as you wrote. Mornings and evenings are cooler though and the light mist in the valley tells you that Fall is coming, slowly but surely. It will be pleasant too.
      I am so happy for you to have your mother’s beautiful clock chiming in your home, another sign from her, other memories to enjoy and be grateful for.
      All the best, dear Linda.

  24. Isabelle, how beautifully you’ve captured the essence of summer. Wild violets, raspberries and hanging laundry on the clothesline are part of my best impressions of summer too. That cake is gorgeous. I hope it was tasty too 🙂

    • Hello Amy-Lynn and thank you for your visit and warm comments. Summer looks more like Fall on this rainy and cold morning. We have had some beautiful, beautiful weeks though, I am grateful for those. Yes 😉 my birthday cake tasted delicious : chocolate and vanilla.

  25. I am a little late in leaving a comment for your summer post… as it is now September and our short summer is now over.. clouds and cool weather starting to come back for fall.. but your summer images are simply beautiful.

    • Thanks for the visit, Donna. I am happy you enjoyed my Summer images. Fall is on its way here too, cooler mornings, shorter days, harvesting time, colours slowly but surely changing. Another lovely Season to enjoy !

  26. iniyaal said

    Beautiful images 🙂 Loved the greenery and platter of sweet goodies.

    Summer in India is mostly over by May. Summers here are very hot and humid.. sweltering heat that makes it impossible to stay out for long. But summer also means fields full of butterflies, wild flowers blooming by the roadsides, harvest festivals, vacations and family re-unions. For me it is a time to take out my camera and experiment with light and shadows. A season full of inspirations.

    • Hello Dear iniyaal, so nice to read your description of Indian Summer ! A friend’s daughter just left for three months in India (Goa). I wonder what temperatures and kind of weather she will have there right now. Have a pleasant day and enjoy your Season, beautiful landscape and traditions.

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  28. Gerry said

    Very late Happy Birthday – but I think you will not mind, as it does not add another year. Definitely not. Your summer was filled with beauty. Probably a good many other things, too, but somehow you always seem to find the beauty. Thank you.

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