Art and raindrops

June 21, 2011

Rain is falling today as it did last night and part of the day yesterday. A light and persistent rain. During the night I woke up and listened for a while to the heavy drops on the roof.  A stormy weather but a cosy feeling inside the house. In the morning a shy  and scarce sun lit up the sky for a  short while;    raindrops,  swept by the wind,  looked like tiny pearls, colourful beads, like the jewels I had seen once in  an artisan´s workshop.Somewhere under those  ancient arcades a door opens into a small art studio. Two artists work there, an artisan jeweller and a potter. They each have their own workshop and share a bigger room for exhibitions. I visited this picturesque old town on a rainy day, like today, and thought why not have a look inside ?

As I pushed the door and went inside,  stones and pearls were glittering inside showcases. Precious gems that I was reminded of as I saw the brilliant raindrops today. Bracelets, earrings, pendants, rings of different designs and shades.

The potter was absent, I was not able to take pictures of his pots, vases, dishes and jugs. A look inside  his small workshop showed an apron and  a potter’s wheel waiting for the craftsman.

In the jeweller’s workshop  a necklace,  as glittering as a river, was set on a bed of pebbles.  The necklace was catching the sunrays and colours reflecting in the window. A beautiful piece of art created with silver and labradorite.

I liked the green pendant with the embedded white flower, as if floating in a jade pond. Each jewel seemed to have a life of its own, one given to them by the artisan.Are you sometimes dreaming of faraway shores ?  I suggest you go and visit Deanna, a great artist from New Zealand. Her jewelry is inspired by the shores and beautiful  nature on her island.

Is it raining in your part of the world ? Here is a child´s poem that will  surely  keep you smiling 🙂

“If I were raindrops…

I would fall and give kisses

To the world.

Give coolness to the poor.

Cool others who are hot.

I´m clear,

I´m caring,

And I love it when you are happy!

When it´s cloudy

I have fun

And yes, you know…

I am coming.”

Poem by Jaime

 If I

26 Responses to “Art and raindrops”

  1. Marie said

    Isabelle what a sweet poem!
    That building has such an “old world charm” and seeing the work of the Artisans is so much fun.
    The sky picture is sooo majestic. Like a “message” being communicated from heaven : )

  2. Cindy said

    The jewelry is very unusual, Isa. I love their workshop building, and your photos are simply stunning.

  3. I love to listen to the rain on a lazy morning as I drift between sleep and wakefulness. So very soothing.

    Thank you for the visit to artisans shop. I really like the color and light of the potter’s wheel. A place of creativity.

  4. Kathy said

    Hello Isa~~thank you for your beautiful post on jeweled raindrops. It has been raining here for way too many days, it seems, and I needed to be reminded of the beauty of rain. Thank you.

    • Hello Kathy 🙂 rain can be beautiful and soothing. Yesterday it was violent, like thick curtain of water, accompanied by thunder and lightning. Our first June storm. Thanks for the visit and words.

  5. Heather said

    Lovely posting – felt like being in a dream. We are hopefully entering a drier season here in the rain forest – looking forward to tomatoes ripening in the sun.

    • How nice to see you here, Heather ! Thanks for the visit. Hope you will have soon enough sun to colour and ripen tomatoes. Aren’t they delicious at this Season ? The real time to eat them in so many tasty ways. In B. Kingsolver’s book “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle”, there are plenty of good recipes using tomatoes, fresh or dried.

  6. Beautiful photographs Isa! And such sweet thoughts! Your picture really nudges me to share this rather insignificant habit of mine that also happens to be one of my favorite.
    In the rains, you’d often find me sitting by the window with a cup of tea, with one hand stretched out to transfer those tiny droplets of rain hanging from the leaves onto my finger. I just like to keep them on my finger tips as long as i can. Just like that! And when we were really young, me and sister used to pull a competition out of it! 🙂

    • Hello Rukmini ! What a lovely sight to imagine, you and your sister trying to keep raindrops as long as possible on your finger tips. We had a rather dry Spring and now rain finally falls in so many drops that make fields, gardens, farmers, and just everyone happy. Thanks for visiting.

  7. tasteofbeirut said

    Wonderful post that took me back to my time in France; love that alley with the Roman alcoves and the artist working there; love that necklace, it has soul.

    • Thanks Joumana. You are quite right about the necklace. I did not express it but this is what I felt : it has soul. Estavayer is a small medieval town that could well be in France too.

  8. sartenada said

    Very lovely jewelry! The last one is awesome!

  9. Janice said

    What a lovely post, Isa – and how nice that the rain brought back such memories. I particularly love your photos of the potter’s wheel and the ancient arcades.

    • Thank you Janice. The potter’s wheel looks like coming from another age, I find. Some day I will go back there and visit his atelier too. I am curious to see what kind of pottery this artist creates.

  10. truels said

    Nature is wonderful – and so is much of human’s art and craft, beautiful post, Isa

  11. Tammy said

    I love your poem ISA.

  12. Giiid said

    That poem is so fine, what a sensitive and sweet child.

  13. iniyaal said

    Beautiful work space and lovely creations.. Any jewelry or art inspired by nature seems perfect in every way. A wonderful place to create and exhibit art.

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