June 7, 2011

A wonderful carousel of images ! This is what my camera, a Sony Cybershot DSC-W5 has offered me for almost six years. Now it is tired of this kaleidoscope of pictures from here, there and further.  We were a good team, I think,  always close, ready to point and shoot.  Sadly  it is no longer so. My camera is beyond repair and will rest now.

Until I get a new one I will post pictures from the past months and years. During a recent Spring cleaning, I was happily surprised to see how many pictures deserved to be brought to light.  Sony did a  good job  indeed ! I look forward to sharing with you some of my earlier pictures.

Let’s embark then for a another trip on the carousel and for more images  that I hope you will enjoy.

Here is a very old carousel in an open air museum in Ballenberg, Switzerland. It could have been made in Germany according to the style of its paintings.

As I was walking along the Yarra River in Melbourne, this ancient carousel  was waiting to turn and turn with the music during a big festival. Its decorative panels looked like alpine landscapes. Maybe they were painted by a European artist longing for home ?

A poem for you. Can you remember the music of your carousel, wherever it was ? I remember the accordion, lots of it !

I saw a carousel which went through the sky
With its beautiful horses, its planes and nacelles
And thousands of children of all colours,
Thousands of children laughing happily.

Turn, turn, carousel,
All around the world and show to everyone
That happy children have all the same light in their eyes.

Janine Dufour

22 Responses to “carousel”

  1. Cindy said

    Pure magic, Isa 🙂

  2. Old Carousels are wonderful works of art and music in a mechanical organism to delight.the masses. It is no wonder many have been salvaged to spin again in modern shopping malls and amusement parks throughout the world.

    These are magnificent, Isa. I wonder if the one in Melbourne was built in Europe originally.

    • Thank you Scott. I had not thought about it but it could well be that the Melbourne carousel was transported to Australia some time ago. Who knows its story ? There was no one around I could ask. I have read somewhere that steel houses were transported by ship to Australia, used as containers during the long travel, and then rebuilt in Australia.

  3. montucky said

    Sorry about your camera, but your idea of posting some of the older photos is a good one. These are pretty shots: it looks like those carousels are well cared for.

    • Thank you montucky. Such carousels are precious indeed and always appreciated by kids. Nowadays they look more modern, planes, trucks and sportcars have replaced horses and other animals but still, children seem to enjoy them.

  4. truels said

    Isa, remember that it was not your camera, that took all your fine pictures – but YOU!!! And YOU show a fine series of carousels here, I love these beautiful old carousels from before the world went mad in wilder, bigger, more expensive, faster, higher, more dangerous and advanced amusements ……..

    • I agree with you, truels, some amusements designed for children look dangerous to me but so is our way life now, always faster, bigger, wilder. I like to stop near a carousel when I see one and watch it turn in music, happy little faces smiling to their parents sitting around and asking for “one more turn, please !”. Thank you for your words.

  5. I am slow indeed these days…It took me a few days and four of your comments to realise “carousel” had only one “r” in English 😦 ! Contrary to the French language which demands two. Please accept my apologies. Let’s hope it did not prevent the carousels from turning on and on !

  6. That is too bad about your camera but I think we are really going to get a treat by seeing some of your older photos. Carousels are one of the images that naturally make me smile – even just saying the word. Thank you for sharing these.

    • Thanks Tammy. Soon I am going to dig into my archives and share some of my older shots from here and there. Yes, you are right, “carousel” is a word that brings a smile 🙂

  7. Karma said

    Je suis désolé pour ton camera! J’espère que tu aura un nouvelle bientot.
    I love carousels! I still love to ride them even at my age.

    • 🙂 Je souris à ton expression “at my age”, young girl ! Moi aussi, j’aime encore les carrousels. Je compare un peu les prix et le choix de différents appareils avant de me décider.Merci de ta visite, Karen.

  8. Giiid said

    I am curious to hear which camera you will choose. Before I bought mine, I used this “compare camera” internet site, (there are of course others) It was a good help to realize which functions I found most important, – and to remember it afterwards! 🙂

    • Thanks for the link, Birgitte. I am in the process of comparing functions and prices. I will check your link as well, Scott sent me one too. I will certainly choose a Point and Shoot, something handy to keep with me but also of good quality. Let’s see…

  9. sartenada said

    Sorry for You camera too. The fact is that to be at right time in right place with camera is the most important thing. I have presented in my posts photos which I took with my first 5.0 megapixel camera from 2004, then my second 8.3 megapixel camera from 2006 and finally 12.3 megapixel camera from 2008. Sometimes it is difficult to make difference with which camera I had used in my photos.

    Well, back to Your lovely post. I love this kind of post in which You presented general view photos and close-ups. They complete each other so nicely. In Helsinki we have an amusement park, but it is about 30 years when I last time visited there. Now Your photos awaked in me thoughts that why not visit there someday.

    Thank You for this post which I enjoyed with full heart.

    • I also enjoyed your words with full heart, Matti, what a nice expression ! Happy you enjoyed this post, maybe some day you will show us Helsinki amusement park ? Carousels are popular all over the world, I think and it is interesting to see how they evolve along the years. From horses and other animals to planes, trucks, firemen engines or more modern designs. So busy these days, I have not had time to look for a camera yet. Will post ancient pictures in the meantime. Thanks for the visit and comments.

  10. tasteofbeirut said

    I love old carrousels; they are so romantic and full of nostalgia. Great photos and I believe it is the photographer who needs to be applauded not the camera maker.

  11. Too bad about your camera – but revisiting your archives is a fitting way to say good bye… And hello to a new era with a new camera. These photos are beautiful!

  12. I forgot to add… you too have horses in the hood 🙂

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