Pieces of a quilt – 3

May 20, 2011

Another step in my WIP-quilt (work in progress). A passage quilt for a friend who passed one year ago. Little by little thoughts and memories come to mind and I add this or that piece to the vast puzzle of a life.

Excerpt of a letter received several years ago, memories of a particular day in someone´s life :

“I am at the beach with my family. I must have  been 10 years of age. A small and skinny boy.  I loved to swim and I’m swimming out … far. In my mind, I am swimming out so far where nobody will ever find me. I have swum out so far that everybody on the beach looks like tiny specks. I get the feeling that sharks are swimming near me and I frantically swim back as fast as I can. Once back on the beach I’ve got to run along the coast to find my family. I see one of my brothers and am relieved. I see that he has a bologna sandwich in his hand and I run to the car to get one myself. Seagulls are flying above and I toss a piece of bread up to them. The seagulls flock around, waiting for more. I take a slice of bread when my mom is not watching because she has told me to leave the birds alone. I am fascinated by them and want to catch one but they get in flight too fast for me. I watch them fight for a piece of bread and, as one seagull drops it, a mad rush to the sand ensues. I wrap a shell in bread and toss it up so a seagull will drop it. I run to catch a seagull as they come down but they quickly see me coming and I watch as they take flight. The sun has tanned me good. I attempt to bury myself in the sand and I watch the seagulls soar above me”.

16 Responses to “Pieces of a quilt – 3”

  1. Nothing moves me more than a quilt made like this one.

  2. Kathy said

    You can almost feel like you’re on the beach with the author, the sand between your toes. I like how quilts can depict a scene in life, a momentary snapshot of a work in progress. Thank you, Isa.

  3. montucky said

    What a wonderful quilt that will be: a patchwork of memories!

  4. sartenada said

    Bonjour Isa.

    How beautiful patchwork full of memories. Very skillfully combined items with good taste selected colors. The second photo from the top is my favorite.

    Belle journèe!

  5. truels said

    A lovely piece of quilt – and a lovely story as inspiration.

  6. Isa, I love what you are doing here. Your quilt is beautiful and that it is crafted over a memory makes it even more lovely. Thanks for sharing this.

  7. Giiid said

    This is beautiful and very touching, Isa, a very fine way to materialize the memory of a beloved person. You are so good at making this kind of poetic quilts.

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