Hometown photography challenge

May 14, 2011

There is a new photography challenge at Scott Thomas’  “Views Infinitum” :


Here is what Scott writes about it :

“This month’s assignment will be about Hometown History. Specifically, Your Hometown as in year’s past. Whether your hometown has centuries of history or less than a hundred years, you can find places, people, things and stories about its past.

Please, have your photos posted on or before Midnight (your time), Wednesday, May 25, 2011.”

Let’s all participate in this assignment and travel back to our hometown history.  Stagecoach is not mandatory 😉

Let’s find stories of our past and meet people who can share some of their memories and experiences.

Good luck to all and enjoy re-visiting your hometown !


13 Responses to “Hometown photography challenge”

  1. sartenada said

    Very interesting.

    I guess that the old book “Voyage en Suisse” must be very good historic book.

    I loved the photo from stagecoach.

    Bon fin de semaine!

    • Thanks for your visit, matti. The book belonged to my grand-father. It was written as a tourist-guide in the late 19th century, yes a very good historic book. As for the stagecoach, it travelled countless times over the Swiss alpine passes, an important way of linking the North to the South of Europe. Bonne fin de semaine à toi aussi 🙂

  2. There you go, I thought stagecoaches was an old west thing. I’ve learned something new already. Thanks, Isa, for the link!

  3. Well, maybe the old west and the alps had some common ancestors who saw how useful those stagecoaches were 🙂 ? It’s a pleasure to spread the word about your assignment, Scott.

  4. […] this assignment was brought to my wandering attention by Isa over in Switzerland (click here to read her contribution) and since I was actually in my first hometown–no, make that my third […]

  5. Kathy said

    Isa, it was your post that woke me up to check out Scott’s latest assignment. Just wrote my contribution and mentioned your blog. (P.S. I have pics of Switzerland about 1975. Would that be considered history?) smile…

  6. I see a history theme emerging on your blog lately. Very nice. It’s hard for me to identify my home town. I was born in Hammond, Indiana but only lived there for 6 months until my parents moved to the south. I can never really figure this out.

    • A hometown is really a place where one enjoys living in for a while, don´t you think ? For a long time it was my small town in the Alps where I was born, then Dublin where I just loved staying for several years. Now it is Fribourg ! Thanks for your words, Sherri Lynn.

  7. Gerry said

    I just love the stagecoach. It is a considerably more elegant stagecoach than the one that carried Mark Twain across the west as the Civil War raged, but definitely a stagecoach. It’s fun catching up on my blog reading.

    • This stagecoach has certainly been restored after many travels across alpine passes. It stands now in the main yard of a castle in Brig, at the start or the end of a famous road through the mountains between Italy and Switzerland. A well deserved rest. Lovely to read you, Gerry.

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