Mother’s Day

May 8, 2011

Today we celebrate Mother’s Day in Switzerland.  My own mother is no longer here but she will be  lovingly remembered indeed. This flower is for her;  her love of nature and flowers, her pleasure to sit in the garden,  inhale scents and let her eyes wander quietly over the greenery. She sometimes started telling of her younger years in the mountains she loved so much, a life of hard work that taught her a lot about nature, its beauty and dangers. I am happy to have written down much of all she shared although her words are in my heart forever.

The weeks preceding Mother’s Day are even more busy at  school over here… My sons always brought me lovely surprises  on the second Sunday of May. They still do but at that time there was mystery and secrecy, something they could hardly keep for themselves…”I have a surprise for you but you are not allowed to see it !”

The D-Day finally came  and  the suspense was relieved.  Both would wait till I woke and then present their gifts, nicely wrapped in a paper they sometimes  had created themselves. What an excitement  and impatience for me to open those treasures ! I received many, many wonderful drawings and gifts of all sorts, made with love and care;  I cherished them all. One of them is still in our kitchen : it is a small decorative wooden panel made for me in primary school. There was an original handmade  notebook on the right hand side that has been replaced countless times since then. Very handy. What still brings a smile whenever I write a note on my “to do list” is the poem one of my sons had composed for Mother’s Day on that particular year.

He had to find rhymes. For example : Isabelle/belle  – bruns/lapins – noir/loir – maman/tendrement. In English though it may sound a bit strange to your ears but so lovely to your heart 🙂

“Dear Isabelle,

How beautiful you are

With your  eyes

As brown as rabbits

And your  hair as black

As a   dormouse

This is just to tell you, Mama

That I love you tenderly “

The  French spelling is as creative as the images/rhymes he found and I just love the fact that his teacher left it untouched 🙂

To all mothers, mamans, mamas here and there  and elsewhere I wish a Very Happy Day filled with love, sharing, joy and gratitude.

With love

This is  quilt I sewed several years ago for a Mexican mama of many children who happens to be also a dear friend of mine, Fina.


27 Responses to “Mother’s Day”

  1. Cindy said

    What a sweet poem! And I just love the quilt, lucky Fina. Happy mother’s day to you, Isa 🙂

  2. There is just nothing more special than a handmade gift 🙂
    Happy Mother’s Day, Isa.

  3. montucky said

    What a wonderful poem; certainly to be cherished! Happy Mother’s Day!

  4. truels said

    A lovely post, Isa – and (another) lovely quilt! Around here among my friends and family Mother’s Day is not celebrated – and I do not think many Danes do that (Danes, please correct me if I’m wrong?!) But it seems like it is much more celebrated in other countries… I wish you a lovely day!

    • Thanks for your words truels. Over here Mother’s Day has not always been celebrated the way it is now. Same with Valentine’s Day or Halloween. It may have a commercial touch about it but the thought for a Mother’s Day is a nice one 🙂 A lovely Sunday to you:)

  5. Karma said

    Very sweet post, Isa and sweet memories.
    I was very happy with myself that I was able to read your son’s poetry en francais until it got to the line about the dormouse!

  6. Thanks for this lovely post. I want to remember my mother, Linda Susan Wood, who has also passed away. She had a passion for color and for life. She gave me so many gifts.

    • Thank you Sherri. Your mother definitely gave you the passion and talent to use colors in your lively quilts and other creative artworks. Mine gave me her sewing machine, some lovely pieces of fabrics and she loved that I started learning quilting. Aren’t we fortunate ?

  7. deemallon said

    Happy Mother’s Day to you — what a nice reflection on your mother. You are lucky to have saved and recorded some of her thoughts and feelings… I came home from a busy day to a door plastered with Mother’s Day greetings made out of PostIt notes! Still makes me smile.

    • Thanks for your visit, Dee. I am so happy to have found you on flickr and then here ! What a lovely surprise on your door for Mother´s Day 🙂 Hope you had a lovely day.

  8. Janice said

    Chère Isabelle,
    Comme il est beau
    Le cadeau…
    I hope your Mother’s Day was as beautiful as your gorgeous quilted heart and your son’s wonderful gift!

    • Janice, tu es poète aussi 🙂 merci de la visite et de tes mots.
      Oui, un beau jour de printemps
      Entre parents et enfants,
      Autour d´une table bien garnie
      Dans un jardin très fleuri

  9. Such lovely memories of your Mom and your son’s gifts to you. 🙂

  10. Kathy said

    My heart rejoiced with the words you shared from your son. That he loved you tenderly! It is so dear. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Mary said

    How touching. What wonderful Mother’s Day celebrations you have enjoyed. Thank you for sharing such intimate joys.

  12. donata said

    What a beautiful heart!
    Thank’s for all your beautiful words!
    Nice to meet you!

  13. sartenada said

    My mother is 92 years old and living alone since this year. Our Mother day is at same time than in Switzerland.

    My birthday was also May 8th and it means generally that mothers win and I “lose” :). My wife gave to me a special present which I’ll present next Friday.

    Happy Week-end!

  14. I’m a bit late on Mother’s day but what a delightful post you’ve given us. I love the poem and I am a sucker for kid art. Beautiful quilt also.

  15. Gerry said

    Happy Mothers Day . . . a little late. Perhaps I can blame it on sloooow dialup? Perhaps not. Happy May, then, Isa – may you have a lovely springtime.

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