Close-up photography

March 10, 2011

Scott’s new  photography assignment at Views Infinitum is about Close-Up Photography. Feel free to partipate in this month assignment. You will find all related information under this link :

Furthermore, tomorrow  Friday, March 11,  Scott  will be discussing the many ways that can  be achieved for close up photography. Don’t miss it and enjoy participating if you feel so.

I took this picture some years ago at the pond in our botanical garden. New pictures are requested for the assignment so I will try to do my best with my Point and Shoot camera 😉

More pictures taken on the same day around the garden, one of my favourite places in town at any Season.

Time for  a rest in the vegetation. Softness of shades and textures. Some plants still add a subdued colour in a Winter garden.  Soon, it will be highlighted by the sparks of Spring.


27 Responses to “Close-up photography”

  1. Cindy said

    WOW! Is all I can say!!!

  2. Gorgeous Isa. Our botanical garden is one of my very favorite places. I love to walk around in the tranquility. Your close up is stunning.

    • Thank you Tammy. I find Nature is a constant source of inspiration and admiration. Walking in our small botanical garden is like a quiet journey through all our gardens, orchards and forests, some of the wider world too. Entering the greenhouse is a total change of scenery and feeling. I simply love this place.

  3. You are very gifted Isa. I must tell you. And I have to admit that this is fabulous. Absolutely fab. It is a lotus base, isn’t it? I’m loving your work. I’m an amateur photographer and intend to be a good one someday, somewhere close to you may-be. From the heart, lovely!!

    • Rukmini, you are too kind. I am an amateur, absolutely, my camera is a “Point and Shoot”, quite a good one although not new at all. As I was telling Tammy, Nature is always inspiring me and all I do is trying to share its beauty in my own eyes and perception. I am really glad you enjoyed this picture,thank you.

  4. Marie said

    You always capture such lovely photos.
    I love the way you “see” with the camera.
    When I lived in Texas, I would visit a botanical garden and I was always
    delighted by all the different flowers/textures there.
    Where you live is “breathtakingly beautiful!”

    • Thank you dear Marie. I think Nature offers us so much beauty to see. I am lucky to live in a lovely place indeed and it is always a pleasure to share my environment with others. Or remember a special moment, object, light, texture through a picture. Botanical gardens are such places to remember, I find. Have a pleasant day.

  5. Carsten said

    Interesting pnotos Isabelle.
    I keep seeing “Olive pie” or “Olive pancake” in photo #1.
    Is it Reed in #3?
    Many old houses in Denmark used Reed on the roof. Properly laid it is watertight and isolating.

    • Hello Carsten, nice to read you again. Thank you. The lotus base looks a bit like a pancake, yes:)The #3 photo is a reed, part of a large reed bed near a pond. Do your ancient Danish houses look a bit like the Irish ones whose roofs are also covered with thatch ?

      • Carsten said

        Yes, it was – I think – the most common material for thatching. Later came tile roofs, which are still popular. Plates of cement with asbestos fibres was extensively used before (and a long time after) it was realized how dangerous asbestos is to your helath.

      • Thanks for the interesting information, Carsten. We have all realized by now how dangerous asbestos is for one´s health. Unfortunately too late for many people.

  6. Thank you, Isa! The first photo looks unreal. Like a computer graphic. Such is the fun of close up photography.

  7. shoreacres said

    Your photos are splendid, and the links very interesting. I also work with a point and shoot, and sometimes achieve wonderful photos. Other times, they range from mediocre to immediately forgettable. What I need to learn is what makes the difference between the good and the bad, so that I can make more of the good!

    The reed is beautiful. It reminds me of milkweed, or dandelions. Such beautiful, light fluff can travel hundreds of miles, they say. A good rationale for traveling light, I say.

    • Thank you Linda, I have learnt a lot about photography in Scott´s assignments. It is always inspiring to see how others see and interpret the same subject.
      Reeds fascinate me, especially in the late afternoon light, when a slight breeze moves them gently.

  8. Gerry said

    It’s a lotus! You would not believe how long I puzzled over it. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a live lotus before–just dried pods. I like it. I must find one to visit.

    Botanical gardens are wonderful things all year round, but I especially value the ones that offer bits of shape and color to delight the eye in winter.

    A lotus. Who knew? (OK, everyone else knew. I lead a sheltered life.)

  9. Hi Gerry ! Olive pie, pancakes, computer graphic, imagination without borders. I liked that and look forward to seeing the pictures posted in Scott´s assignement. Lotus are a marvel to see at every stage of their life, I find. Maybe some day you will share some photos of your own botanical garden ? How is your precious camera doing ?

  10. love that close up pod photo – another great quilt inspiration! Also congrats on your calendar quilt – love the concept and the outcome.

    • Thanks a lot Sherri Lynn, happy you enjoyed the calendar quilt and found inspiration in the close up photo. You have such a good eye for patterns and the way to interpret them in a quilt.

  11. Nye said

    The first image of the lotus seeds look delicious, only if you could use this one for the assignment. 🙂

  12. sartenada said

    Lovely – all.

    The second from the top is awesome. I stared for long time and admired about that what I saw in that photo. It is very artistic photo.

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