Mail in the letterbox

February 28, 2011

The day started under a cold mist but with a definite hint of a blue sky above. As often at this Season, mornings look dull and grey. Then slowly but surely the fog disappears leaving behind soft layers of this Winter haze.Off I went to the woods for a morning walk with my faithful little companion, as watchful –  and playful –  as ever.

It was a quiet stroll, no encounter of any kind although Nino could confirm you there were some deers around, for sure. Unmistakable tracks and scents tickled his nose.After a pleasant and  lazy walk  through narrow paths and slightly frosted fields, we were back home. One of us decided to take a nap…

… the other went to fetch the daily paper and mail in the letterbox. And then came The Surprise ! A letter from abroad with beautiful stamps that suggested forest,  berries and little visitors creeping under the pine trees. I immediately loved those stamps  and will keep them in a special little booklet. Smalls or inchies 😉

The content of this  letter sent by Gerry in Michigan was even more appreciated !

An elegant handwriting on a card,  a fine drawing  by Thomas W. Ford : “Queen Ann’s Lace” flower. In Gerry’s  envelope I also found two delightful postcards by artist, printer and naturalist Gwen Frostic. The cards are original block-prints by the artist. I simply love them !  Precious art pieces from an amazing person I learned about on the following site. It is well worth reading about Gwen Frostic’s life and achievements.

Many, many thanks Gerry for this thoughtful letter and gifts. If my day started under the Winter fog, it certainly continued under a bright sun 🙂 This type of “real-mail” is precious indeed.

Long before her death, Gwen Frostic wrote her epitaph:
“Here lies one doubly blessed.
She was happy and she knew it.”











22 Responses to “Mail in the letterbox”

  1. Carsten said

    A wonderful series of images from your local area.
    The first one with the houses rising from the morning mist is outstanding.

  2. Marie said

    Beautiful story and lovely cards!
    That first picture is so beautiful and mysterious
    and magical looking!
    Nino is sooo cute ❤

  3. Lovely story of life and people making connections.

    • Thank you Scott. Isn´t it wonderful to be able to create such connections through blogging ? Reading, writing, looking at one another´s pictures, sharing… I am very thankful for the connections that are being made little by little.

  4. To be happy and to know it is truly wonderful. those stamps are awesome, especially the one of the little deer mouse. I hope Gerry saved some to stick on a letter to Canada 😉

    • You are right Amy-Lynn, to know one is happy is wonderful as is this woman artist, Gwen Frostic. You taught me another word today 😉 deer mouse or souris sylvestre (forest mouse in French). Thank you ! Gerry, if you read this : please, save some stamps for a letter to Canada 😉

  5. Gerry said

    You cheered me right up with this, Isa! All the machines in my life are conspiring against me today, but here I find a lovely respite. Nino as Wood Sprite, peeking over the stump, is completely engaging, and the town emerging from the mist looks magical indeed. I’m glad that you enjoyed the Real Mail. I believe I just might have another stamp around here somewhere. Lessee . . . Ah. Perfect.

    • Hello Gerry ! Have all those conspiring machines stopped their revolution 😉 ? Your Real Mail was a Real Delight too and I so enjoyed the pretty cards, their textures and delicate images. Thanks also for introducing me to Gwen Frostic. A remarkable woman. Have a pleasant day with your duo. Wood Sprite is such a perfect name for Nino 🙂

  6. I just LOVE that first photo!
    Isn’t a letter from a friend the BEST? Your posttoday must have been good luck for me (saw it this morning, but I’m just now getting a chance to comment) because the package from Germany, that I’ve been waiting for, finally arrived today!

    • Thank you Michaela; yes I agree with you, a letter from a friend is very precious and cherished. I am happy for you that your expected parcel from Germany arrived in TX. A real treat, isn’t it ?

  7. Cindy said

    Love the photos and I too would treasure the beautiful postbox surprise 🙂

  8. That top shot is wonderful – and the I love the dog peaking over the tree stump 🙂

    Despite all the advantages of electonic, nothing beats the excitement of opening real snail mail, especially when such lovely contents lies inside.

  9. Thanks for the visit and warm comments, Journey Photographic. Yes indeed, one never tires of receiving and writing “snail mail”. I have always enjoyed writing to penpals here and there.

  10. shoreacres said

    Fog is my favorite weather phenomenon – it quiets like snow, but takes so many forms. Your photo is beautiful, and you describe it perfectly. I fear our fog days are nearly done for the season, so I enjoyed yours especially.

    Gwen Frostic – the name is so familiar. I’ll go browse in a bit. Her wisdom is real, though. Being happy and knowing it is being twice-blessed. Sometimes I become aware of being happy – not excited or joyous, but simply content. There’s nothing better in the world.

    In the end, I think happiness tends to be a little quiet, a little understated, but perfectly straightforward and accessible – like your blog entries. This one is lovely.

    • Our foggy days seem to be rarer, Seasons follow their course pleasantly. The crisp morning air says “March has arrived but Spring is not here yet”. Like you describe so well, Linda, being content in a slow and quiet way is a wonderful feeling. An inner happiness that will shine outwards. Thank you so much for your comments that always bring more thoughts to reflect on.

  11. sartenada said

    First photo has all the elements to be seen what a perfect photo needs. Great.

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