Inchies, in images and words

February 14, 2011

They were so much in Love !

Sweet letters never stopped going to and fro.

Many tender words were shared

As flowers shone brightly for them.

Listening to their heart

They happily nestled in their home.

At sunset the breeze carried away their whispers

For a life of Love and Peace.

The  End

A Happy one 🙂


“Inchies indeed”, another daysprompt suggested by Gerry in her  Gently Used Ideas Store.

An “inchy”  story I imagined for today,   few words and   tiny photos : a heart of soapstone, a pretty stationery, a Japanese book, an amaryllis, another heart, natural sculpture of moss, a quilt of houses seen in an exhibition, a Summer sunset in front of my home,  one of my friend Nicole’s mandala drawings that I colored and a pause, coffee for two.


31 Responses to “Inchies, in images and words”

  1. What a sweet story for Valentine’s Day. And one with a happy ending at that 🙂 I’ve never heard of inchies before. That Gerry is full of wonderful ideas.

  2. Thank you for the lovely and sweet valentine!

  3. Carsten said

    And they lived happily ever after….

    Happy Valentine to you Isabelle. It is a very fine little story you have presented to us today.

    Gerry is full of good thoughts – but this idea with the “Inchies”?? She must have perfect sight! 🙂

  4. Gerry said

    Good morning! I love the tiny tale, Isa. There should be happy endings on Valentine’s Day. Amy, I cannot take credit for the idea. It was gently used when it came to me . . . and Carsten? I am blind as the old bat I am, but I have a great big monitor and a zoom button . . .

    Now I really have to go look for Miss Sadie.

    • I am happy you like my tale, Gerry. The tiniest the picture, the more imagination I needed… just like you said 🙂 Have you found Miss Sadie ?? Thanks for another inspiring daysprompt.

      • Gerry said

        Miss Sadie and the Cowboy are taking turns disappearing. I believe it is a plot. However, I am a crafty old bird, and hold all the cards, which is to say, the kibble. Miss Sadie and the Cowboy are fools for supper.

  5. Sniff…got me right in the heart, Isa!

    Very creative, fun and colorful!

  6. How sweet!
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  7. Robin said

    Lovely little story. 🙂

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  8. Kathy said

    Sweet inchies! A magnificent valentine’s story with little pictures to illustrate. Hope you had a wonderful Heart Day!

  9. sartenada said

    Wow, so lovely!

    I neither have heard of inchies before. Great idea. I love that Lugano inch!

    • I did not know about inchies either before Gerry mentioned them. The quilt I saw in Lugano was part of an exhibition on an embroidery/patchwork project between Afghan and European women. Fascinating ! Thanks for visiting, Mattis.

  10. I haven’t heard of inchies either but you’ve composed a sweet story and I love the mandala drawing from your friend.

  11. Giiid said

    It is so beautiful made, Isa, I love it. Inchies seems to be an interesting thing to study more close, I surely will.

  12. ancientcloth said

    Ever so thoughtful and sweet.
    I have never heard of “inchies” before now. Fun : )
    This made me smile as your post almost always
    Happy belated Valentine’s Day ❤

  13. Thank you Marie :)since I heard about those inchies I found out that you can create them in many ways. Here is a link if you are interested :
    It might be worth trying, don´t you think ?
    Happy Belated Valentine´s Day to you ❤

  14. shoreacres said

    Today’s inchies are yesterdays “smalls” – the word used both for delicate lingerie and the tiny things that cry out to become treasures. Silver boxes less than an inch across. Bits of lace and pearl for sewing. Tortoise-shell hair combs. My grandmother’s “smalls box” gave so much pleasure when I was a child.

    And today, there are galleries in this country putting on shows of miniatures – wonderful paintings sometimes only two x four inches by artists who also work on large canvas. I love them all.

    My favorite “small” is a tiny, intricately carved soapstone votive with a curved, carved lid that I received as a valentine gift in the British Virgins.
    It was given to me the same night author and paganist Starhawk was leading a retreat to a fallen sugar mill to – well, I’m not sure what she intended to do. Look at the moon, perhaps. 😉

    You might enjoy my exploration of smalls. I certainly enjoyed this post and its links, and the memories it brought.

    • What another lovely reply, Linda ! I did not know this definition of “smalls” but am familiar with these tiny treasure boxes. I found them at my grandmother´s and my mother left quite a few of such tiny precious boxes when she passed. I even have some that I collected over time and places. A very interesting and different link to today´s inchies. Thank you very much.

      • I love the idea of a ‘smalls box.’

        Years ago while visiting the Louvre in Paris I was surprised to find myself lingering for hours in a gallery of miniature paintings. It was a marvel to see, and for me, one of the most memorable galleries in that museum.

        I have to check out shoreacres’ link.

  15. I do love this idea of smalls box, too. It is well worth visiting shoreacre´s blog and post about this particular topic. Miniature paintings always fascinated me. Same with those Russian palekh miniature boxes, there are real treasures made with such talent and patience. I don´t remember having seen the gallery you mentioned in Le Louvre. Next time hopefully :)Thank you for your words, Amy-Lynn.

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