Sweet pears

January 24, 2011

Two  dessert recipes for two pears, or a pair,  sweet pears in any case 😉

This is my participation in  Scott Thomas Photography’s challenge whose theme is “Food”.


Choose a not too ripe pear and peel it without cutting it in slices. Let it simmer gently in some water with  sugar,  star anise, cinnamon and a little lemon juice. In the meantime prepare a chocolate sauce (some  water and chocolate). You may add some light cream before serving, if you like it.

Here is another recipe for a dessert with pears or apples.  Cut the pear in two pieces and cook it at slow heat in a non-stick pan with a little sugar, part of a vanilla pod , a few seeds of cardamone and some lemon juice. The pears should take some colour and a lovely crust but not too much ! Then just serve it warm with a sorbet (or ice-cream). I chose a passion fruit/mango yogurt sorbet. We call this kind of dessert a “chaud-froid” – “warm-cold dessert”.

I had a “bon appétit”, thanks for asking;)  But this second picture was rather difficult to take. By the time I had finished turning around the table to chose the right angle for my picture, as suggested by Scott, the sorbet had melted and the picture looked like nothing at all. Well, not so bad after all since I had another portion of sorbet :)

28 Responses to “Sweet pears”

  1. Cindy said

    Stunning! (And yummy!)

  2. Gerry said

    That first image, filled with creamy light and savory colors, rich with the possibilities of shapely pears and roughly broken cinnamon, is poetry.

  3. Sarah said

    That looks yummy.

  4. Love the top shot! Just gorgeous. I’m sure the finished product was divine.

  5. Nye said

    I think the sorbet melting is a plus to your image, looks delicious.

  6. Isa, pears are such a sensual fruit and you’ve made them look especially so. In the first photo they look like they’re reclining seductively against the wall.

  7. I’d fancy the second recipe and the photo of melting sorbet is much to my liking, indeed.

  8. Karma said

    Ce dessert semble très délicieux!
    That first photo with the pears and the chocolate and cinnamon stick is gorgeous.

  9. I love the second recipe with the cardamon. Delicious Isa. Pears are such a great dessert.

  10. iniyaal said

    All the three pictures look so good. Love the subtle and soft taste of pears. Dessets in my part of the world are more difficult and sugary affairs. Love the simple and tasty receipes here.

  11. Hello iniyaal ! I am happy you like those “food pictures”, it is not easy to make them look appetizing… Indian desserts are surely delicious with all the spices that you use over there. Will you post one some day, please ? 🙂

  12. […] Ever wonder what to do with a pair of pears? Isa, from Switzerland,  shows us a pair of ways of enjoying them in her blog called Sweet pears. […]

  13. Giiid said

    I think the picture shows a delicious soft melting ice. This is how I would like this dessert, with the ice melted a bit, and not cold and hard. Very nice photos, Isa.

  14. Robin said

    Your first shot is, to me, a work of art. They all look so delicious! 🙂

  15. Dawn said

    That top shot is my favorite of all!

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