lights in the dark

December 15, 2010

As dark as a night can be, there will always be some light, somewhere. Like here, in the colourful workshop of a stained glass’ crafsman.

Or in this  tiny fountain built long ago in the recess of an old wall.

Jazz  session in the night.  A small café joyfully decorated for Christmas  and a warm atmosphere on a freezing Winter night.

Will you find your light in this choice of lamps of all shapes and shades ?

“Man has the choice of letting the light in or keeping the shutters closed”. Henry Miller

“There are two ways of  sharing the light : being the candle or the mirror which reflects it”.  Edith Wharton

“The proof that the moon is inhabited ? There is light up there”.  Francis Blanche


[Abbé Pierre]

26 Responses to “lights in the dark”

  1. What wonderful images Isa! The contrast of light and dark is so marvelous at this time of year. What would coziness be without light in darkness?

  2. montucky said

    What an excellent post! Great photos illustrating a great point! Well done!

  3. truels said

    Oh – LIGHT becomes so important for us living in the cold, dark North – so I love your post here, Isa!!!

  4. I love these quotes. Words to think about.

  5. Carsten said

    Thanks for enlightening us Isa.
    I came to think of Murano and all the colored glass lamps. I’d like seeing them in these dark nights.
    I think you are closest Isabelle, could you?? 🙂

    • Thanks for your funny suggestion ;)I´d like seeing the Murano glass lamps too, Carsten ! Although I´m tall, the Alps are higher and crossing them at the moment… would be a rather “dark” event !

  6. aubrey said

    I love the first picture – the night is so velvety and black; and yet the light remains so bright and brave.

    However both – light and dark – can still be so beautiful.

  7. Thanks for the visit and comment, aubrey. Visiting the same place (stained glass workshop) at daytime is not as striking, although still colourful. The dark of the night brings out unseen and luminous shades. Dark and light do blend in beautifully.

  8. Giiid said

    Oh lights in many ways, how lovely presented in both words and photos. You always find such good quotes. I like to read them too. Light (and shadow) is an ever lasting subject to think about, to look for and share when found.
    Now that it is so cold here, I imagine what a miracle it has been to be able to make fire, back in ancient time. To make a fire, and keep it alive.
    No wonder that light seems so magical to us, deep inside we know it is a matter of life and death.

    • Thank you very much for your interesting words, giiid. A lot to think about indeed. Light, shadow (in the figurative sense too), this vital discovery of fire… At home we switch on the light without thinking more of it. What a change since a few generations only when candles or oil lamps were The light that made darkness less disquieting at times.

  9. ancientcloth said

    What a cozy place and love the ceramic looking jazz players..what fun!
    We must always look for the “light”, right?
    Beautiful, as always ❤

  10. sartenada said

    What an interesting tour in the dark. All the photos are great, but personally I liked most of all from the first. The idea of this series of photos was really so lovely.

  11. iniyaal said

    Beautiful photos… Love the first two. They are like poetry… Love the quotes 🙂 This is my faovurite amoung your blog posts.

  12. Gerry said

    I can imagine heading homeward on a dark evening, guided on my way by these glowing beacons. It’s a very nice feeling. Somehow, Isa, you manage to be the candle and to reflect the light of others at the same time.

    • Gerry, those must be the most touching words that were told me in a long time… Thank you from all my heart. You would love to walk near this house on a dark evening, stop in front of the large window and dream of all the artist is creating. Have a beautiful Christmas celebration !

  13. How interesting, without seeing your post I was having the same thoughts about the dark night when i posted my last colors of the night post.

    • 🙂 thanks Robert. Light and darkness, an endless theme for reflection… Just this morning I read this thought from R. W. Emerson :”When it is dark enough, you can see the stars”. Very true.

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