A week of snow

December 7, 2010

The Blues of the Nets. No cheer, no crowd, not much around these days but a lot of snow and a few noisy crows watching over deserted nets.

A snowy forest star just as lovely as in Summertime.

Braving  wind and  snow on the coldest day of the week (-7°C).

Dialog between four (not too friendly)  eyes :Dog to Cat : “Hey Chubby ! You’re on my territory ! How d’you like our new chaseground, by the way ?”

Cat to Dog : “Not as crazy as you about it… and I don’t mind sharing your territory, I’m faster anyway and I can climb, remember ? ;)”

Snow and fog; it was probably the most beautiful and special day in the country but… totally chaotic on the roads and in town.

Another morning of deep snow and freezing temperatures (-6°C). The laundry will have to stay indoors.

What an utter pleasure  to see the sun again and the beauty of the landscape under its cool rays on a forest path !

This is a little of my week for the past seven days.  There is less snow today because it has started to rain. The air is still cold but someone cannot resist the call of the forest  and off we are on the road and tracks again 🙂 !


27 Responses to “A week of snow”

  1. Cindy said

    Looks magical.
    LOL @ cat & dog exchange!

  2. Carsten said

    So you’re also in King Winters world now.
    Your surroundings looks very similar to mine in these days where everything is covered under a thick white layer.
    We have a cat which is usually outdoors most of the time. These days he sleeps most of the time in front of the fire.

    • Nice to read you, Carsten. If I would take pictures today they would be so different ! It rained a lot over the past days, almost no snow left but more is forecast soon. King Winter is just hiding around the corner;)

  3. Gerry said

    I enjoyed the virtual walk–perhaps all the more for making it from my desk! The photo of snow and fog is particularly striking. I covet the woodpile.

    It’s too bad when the rains come on top of the snow. The next thing you know there’s ice and slush everywhere, with cars in the ditch and Gerry sprawled on the path.

    Pats to Nino and the admirable cat.

    • Hello Gerry ! Slush and ice, cars in the ditch and me trying not to fall on the tracks, all of it happened, you were right. A green pause now before more whiteness. Thanks for your words.

  4. There’s just nothing more beautiful than a snowy landscape ♥
    How much snow did you get?

  5. Giiid said

    Oh, beautiful! Snow seen in many creative ways. I love all of them, – and your dog too. 🙂

  6. Karma said

    I love the expression you captured on the beagle! Is he/she yours?

  7. montucky said

    I enjoyed your photos of the snow! They are all beautiful, and the snow is to be enjoyed! I sure like the woodpile!

  8. ancientcloth said

    Nino does not seem to mind the snow 🙂
    I am not looking forward to heavy snow….
    When you can stay home it is ok but, not
    when you have to go out 😦
    It is beautiful though….

  9. ancientcloth said

    p.s. beautiful pictures!

  10. I feel cold just looking at these pictures 🙂

  11. Kathy said

    Sounds like you are having an early winter of snow, too. Do you usually get snow at this time of year, or is this unusual? I like how you make ordinary things–like your woodpile–look so simple and calming. I have several woodpile photos and always think, “Now why would anyone want to look at our woodpile?” But then, lots of people don’t have woodpiles… Thanks, Isa. Hope you are doing well.

    • Bonjour Kathy and thanks for your friendly message. This is quite unusual to get so much snow early in Winter. I love seeing those woodpiles in the forest, it is a lot of work and they take care in building them like small chalets 🙂

  12. Wow, -7 is COLD! I love the way show looks gleaming in the sunshine, though. On days/weeks like this, I’m just thankful that I don’t have to drive anywhere. 🙂

    • Hope you are doing better Camille and that weather is no longer so cold in Paris. Last week I hardly used the car but travelled by train. Much easier and nicer to be able to watch the countryside 🙂

  13. truels said

    We’ve had snow here in Denmark for several weeks now, I almost think it’s enough now – even though I know that if there is rain it’s still cold, dark and wet – in VERY long time yet 😦 – so the snow is still better 🙂

  14. Hello truels ! You are right, snow is better than rain at this Season, so what can we do but accept it and take nice pictures of our surroundings 😉 Thanks for visiting.

  15. sartenada said

    How lovely. I enjoyed so much seeing Your photos. There was a sentence that You wrote: “The laundry will have to stay indoors.”. Well I am curious to know that if laundry is dried outdoors in You country during summer (spring and autumn). The question is made, because we are doing so.

    The laundry dried outdoors is much soft and is smelling so good when it is dried outdoors.

    Happy weekend.

    • Merci Matti pour tes gentils commentaires. Yes, laundry is dried outdoors here whenever possible. Like you I enjoy the softness and fresh scent of clothes dried in the open. One of the first signs of Spring is given by the day on which laundry goes outdoors 😉

  16. Your snow is beautiful and so far from my world of winter sunshine. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos with us and for the humor of dog and cat.

    • Thank you Tammy. Our Winters are different, sometimes I would not mind some of yours… especially today when the sky is grey, the North wind blowing and snow falling again. Oh well, differences of climate and landscape create a beautiful planet.

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