Looking up and down

November 12, 2010

Walking through the streets of my town and looking up to its roofs makes me forget to look down and it happens sometimes that I twist my ankles. I keep telling myself “be careful today !” and yet I do it again. Painful !How could you resist taking a picture of  those three old chimneys dancing on a roof ?Or being attracted by the close encounter of the moon with the sun ? Or even as you walk you might witness  a strange meeting in the sky  ?

Now,  if you could look down on some of those streets I walk on, you may understand better what I mean…

Uneven paved footpaths or ancient lanes covered with moss  can be quite a challenge while you are looking at special sights in the sky 😉

You may have to look in all directions if you feel like participating in Scott Thomas Photography’s challenge though. And it is well worth taking part in his November assignment : Fall 2010. For all information, please click here : http://stphoto.wordpress.com/2010/11/10/assignment-10-autumn-2010/

26 Responses to “Looking up and down”

  1. Gerry said

    What wonderful designs! I’m very taken with those chimneys in particular–and the tricky pavements. Poor ankles. Mine twinge in sympathy. Roots, fallen branches, holes dug by critters, ice under the snow–and still I look up in wonder, and fall down in a heap. But dancind chimneys! How could anyone resist dancing chimneys!

    • So nice to see/read you, Gerry. What a pair we would make walking in the woods or in the streets 😉 ! I am glad you liked this happy trio on the roofs and wish you a superb weekend along the lake of wherever you feel like going. Mind your ankles !

  2. truels said

    Isa, you have you have a special eye for fine details around you! Very interesting photos that have come out of it – and instructive. Great post!

    • Thanks a lot for such kind words, truels. I am happy you enjoyed walking with me through Fribourg streets. Have a pleasant weekend ! Mine started beautifully, the wind is still blowing strong but under a bright blue sky !

  3. montucky said

    That’s a terrific collection! Very good observations and photos!

  4. yesbuts said

    Also be careful not to walk into lampposts.

    Those three chimneys are fantastic and well spotted – guess it was worth the risk of stepping into dog ****

  5. I love to see what you are observing on your walks; sorry about your ankles hope they feel better by now. Love these chimneys!

  6. those bottom images. just striking!

  7. Karma said

    Merci de nous avoir sur la belle promenade dans votre ville!

  8. Thank you for taking us on your walk with you. I love the images as they are each handcrafted in a manner and give such a solid and artful feel. Your word choice of dancing chimneys is perfect.

  9. It is something I try to tell new photographers who tend to get locked on to seeing at their own level. Very nice post, Isa! You have most interesting things up and down. Watch your step though. 🙂

  10. sartenada said

    All the photos are unique and interesting. It has been said already so many things, but what comes to the last photo, I could see is as a very beautiful patchwork.

    • Thanks a lot for your warm comments, sartenada. You are quite right, the last two pictures were taken with a view of maybe, sometimes, making a quilt out of those patterns. I recognize the influence of a quilter in your environment 😉

  11. I think the cobblestones set in diamonds would translate into an amazing quilt.

  12. Giiid said

    Looking up the way you do, curious to find inspiring motives, is such an optimistic attitude, i will follow your example as far as I can, – in my case it isn´t decorative streets, but all kind of peoples activities that is the challenge. There is a constantly changing of pipes, repairing of streets, and people with baby carriages or bikes, quite lively. It is indeed a beautiful pattern at the last photo. Perhaps an idea to copy in the garden…

    • What an interesting comment and way of looking at one´s town ! Thank you giiid. Instead of focusing too much maybe on the ancient part of Fribourg, I should also look at its daily life and people´s various activities. I am thankful for your inspiration.

  13. Janice said

    You should look down more often! Those cobbles are beautiful. 🙂 But, oh! Those chimneys! And the sun and moon ironwork sign is gorgeous too…

  14. […] ~ Stones and Diamonds Posted on December 20, 2010 by Sherri Lynn WoodI just loved this image of  paves and losenges by Isabelle from Switzerland.  With Isa’s permission I’ve used her photo as the […]

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