Pieces of a quilt – 2

November 7, 2010

It is Summertime, the sun is blazing over the small Southern town. Three boys are running out in the streets, turning the water hose on and playing in the water.Their  grandmother smiles as she is watching over the  three  brothers full of enthusiasm and energy. Her  black hair is combed   in a long braid on her back as Mexican women do sometimes.    Often  she thinks that the boys stay outside too much but how can she keep them inside a two-bedroom  home ? The old woman has trouble walking and when the boys ignore her demands, she tries to grab them around the neck with her cane !

In attempting to keep the younger one  (but not the quietest)  longer  at home, the abuela (granny) tells him once that at midday, when the church rings its bells, the devil is let loose so that he can get all the bad kids who are  still outside…

So one day when the youngest boy was still playing at the elementary school playground, he heard the church bell ringing out. He dropped everything and ran home as fast as his small legs could carry him. He spotted some bushes and as he thought the devil would see him running,  he hid behind them until the bells quit ringing. Soon he poked his head out and not seeing the devil about, he ran all the way home dancing happily and raising his little fist as he arrived safely. A happy moment in a kid’s life. A child like any other.
A dear friend’s childhood memories  shared in a letter and sewed in my own way.

11 Responses to “Pieces of a quilt – 2”

  1. Cindy said

    Oh, a lovely tale and your stitchwork is amazing, you are very talented.

  2. Gerry said

    Your quilting lifts my heart and makes me want to dig out my loom and work bright fibers into stories.

    (The Cowboy points out that he weaves the story of his day into his curly white and rust fleece. He is not, then, a disreputable dog full of burrs and twigs, but an artist!)

  3. Martha said

    Great story and beautiful needlework.  I love the sun.  Thanks for showing us this.  Are you giving it to the story teller?

    • Dear Martha, your words touch me more than I can tell… I wish I could give the quilt to the story teller. Unfortunately he is no longer here. This is my way of saying good-bye and thanks. Thank you also for your visit and words.

  4. Janice said

    What a lovely idea, a patchwork interpretation of a letter! And it’s beautiful, too! So pleased to see some of your stitching.

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