October 1, 2010

Back from a visit to Italy, in the Piemonte area which is not far away from the South of Switzerland;  it was a long drive though, the winding and steep roads went through mountain passes and narrow valleys. Photos will follow when I will be back from another trip to a completely different and unexpected destination 😉Until later and enjoy these first weeks of October which I hope will be mild and colourful. Fall is definitely on its way…


23 Responses to “Piemonte”

  1. cindy said

    Beautiful, can’t wait to hear about your mystery destination 🙂

  2. Carsten said

    Piemonte is wonderful. As are your pictures.
    Hurry up with the mystery 🙂

  3. sartenada said

    Bonjour Isa.

    Comment belles photos tu a photographié. J’aime les lieux historiques et la maison que tu present ici semble être très belle avec ses piliers. Est-il aussi un lieu où on peut se promener sur les collines?


    • Bonjour sartenada, ravie de savoir que mes photos te plaisent. Cet endroit est magnifique á visiter et pour se promener dans les forêts de châtaigners (chestnut tree). Aimes-tu les marrons grillés á cette époque de l´année ? Une tradition ici. Bon weekend aussi.

  4. Kathy said

    What a beautiful black and white photo, followed by a splash of fall leaf color! Bet you had a wonderful trip.

  5. Karma said

    How wonderful to be able to visit other countries via a drive of a few hours! We have friends whose surname is “Piemonte.”

    • Bonjour Karma ! tu sais, la Suisse est très petite. En quelques heures tu es en France, en Italie, en Allemagne ou en Autriche. Tes amis sont peut-être des immigrés italiens du Piemonte ? Je me réjouis de visiter ton site á nouveau 🙂

  6. ancientcloth said

    It has been a while since I was able to visit your blog. Such beautiful pictures….
    The Almond pie looks delicious and what lovely, thoughtful stitching on the memory quilt.
    I have heard Italy is just fabulous. 🙂

    • Hello Marie, I did not have time to visit your blog over the past weeks either but look forward to doing so soon. Not much time for quilting either but it will come again :)I am Swiss-Italian on my father´s side and going to Italy is a bit like going home for me. Until soon again and thanks for your visit.

  7. This photo is full of atmosphere and romanticism!

    • Thank you Joumana, this place in the Piemonte looks like out of a dream, both historical and so artistic in its architecture like Italians know how to create. Just back from a destination that is not that far away from you 😉

  8. giiid said

    So exciting to wait for your next post, and photos from an unexpected destination. I like the last photo a lot.

  9. Gerry said

    Rustle, rustle. You have been on some interesting journeys lately. I look forward to the next.

    • “Rustle, rustle” … a sound I love at this Season, as well as the warm shades of nature. Look forward to catching up with your blogs and sharing my own pictures of…….. when I finish sorting them out !

  10. I must say that I’m envious of your journey and I look forward to your photos. Drive safely. Eat well.

    • Hello Tammy, you will see my pictures soon and hopefully will enjoy this trip. “Drive safely” could not have been a wiser advice ! Often I just had to close my eyes and hope for the best. And I ate very well ! A tasty and simple, natural food like you enjoy too.

  11. Some photographs have the story within, such is the the second one with the leaves on the road…

  12. Janice said

    Hello Isa,
    How lucky you’ve been – two wonderful trips! The photo of the autumn leaves on the cobbles is just beautiful. The soft muted colours – blue-grey / gold and a little dash of green are perfect!

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