Random views of a morning walk

September 13, 2010

As every day, Nino-the-Beagle and I went for our morning walk. It was still raining a little after the violent storm of the night before.Small drops of water were shining on grass and flowers,   the coolness of the air definitely announced a change of  Season.

There are always the usual stopovers on the way. Nino so enjoys following tracks and investigating them further (down). He loves  digging furiously, puffing and digging again with great insistence. Sometimes he lifts his stubborn and cute head and looks at me as if saying “I know “it’s” here, not far, I’ll get it,  just wait !” And on he goes, digging happily and throwing earth into my shoes.

As he was searching underground, I was looking up to the sky, a lovely blue sky washed by the rain. There was this cloud as big as a vessel sailing towards Northern skies. I wondered where it was heading to and what shape it would take on arrival.

I am always fascinated by the shapes and moves of clouds. Endless transformations.  When the sun shines through them…

… clouds seem to take another dimension, they become more alive with shades, transparency and depth.

Later I stopped at the bottom of this tree and sat on a bench. Above in its branches there used to be a sort of small wooden platform. I never knew  if it was meant for hunters or for bird watchers. As I looked up though I saw only pieces of broken wood, the hut had been  destroyed by the storms or by somebody, I don’t know. It looked a bit desolate.

Nino was beside me looking down – again – at something that seemed to interest him a lot. It was a  stone that looked like a nicely wrapped parcel, a small gift of nature. Maybe this is what he thought too ?  and did not know where to start  opening it and chewing at it 😉

It was getting close to lunchtime. I had a risotto in mind. Those mushrooms were tempting but just not safe enough for me to pick and add them to our meal …

Storm was looming again over the forest and the fields. Dark clouds,  a few drops of rain. It was time to get back home at a fast pace. Which we did but not quite fast enough. Half an hour later we arrived home. Soaked.

Just a few thoughts of a morning like many others, yet different, unique in so many ways even if I know this area.  Unique in the way I felt on that particular day and how I looked around trying to be really present during those privileged moments.

“I am at home, I have arrived

There is only here and now.

I feel strong, really free,

I find refuge in myself.

I am at home, I have arrived”

This is what Thich Nhat Hanh calls “the meditative walking”.


25 Responses to “Random views of a morning walk”

  1. truels said

    It must be a lovely walk you and your dog have here every day in this beautiful landscape, and it was good to follow you on that day!

  2. cindy said

    I really like Thich Nhat Hanh’s words, Isa.
    And Nino is too cute for words.

  3. montucky said

    A very handsomely illustrated walk. I sure know the feeling.

  4. Karma said

    Dog walking is wonderful for both picture-taking and a weary soul. I love enjoying the simple pleasures dogs find in everyday things. This was a very nice walk – thanks for taking us along.

  5. Janice said

    Lovely photos of your walk Isa. I love the ‘gift wrapped’ stone – I think I would have taken that one home to add to my little collection of interesting pebbles! Well done Nino for finding that!

    I also enjoyed reading Thich Nhat Hanh’s words. I’m reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ just now and those words suit perfectly not my ‘mood’ exactly, but where I know I would like to be heading.

    When you last visited my blog you asked if I have read “The Little Prince” by A. de St-Exupéry. No I haven’t – but I loved reading all the comments about my ‘rose’ photo and discovering that everyone saw in it the same beauty and meditative quality that I had seen.

    Hope you are having a lovely week, as we wind down towards autumn.

    • Thank you Janice. Glad to know you are also a collector of special pebbles… I also read “Eat, Pray, Love” and hesitate to go and see the movie. We all create our own images while reading a book. I am often disappointed when I look at the adaptation of a book into a film. Will you go and see the movie ? And if you have a chance, do read “The Little Prince”, a story for all ages and times.

  6. iniyaal said

    Beautiful pics… I too love watching clouds 🙂
    Your dog is soo cute… wish him good luck in finding lots of nature’s hidden treasures.

    • Nice to read you, iniyaal. I have some lovely words for you found on a card just received from a dear friend :
      “Perhaps clouds are itinerant dreams”
      Isn´t nice and true maybe ?
      Thanks for your visit.

  7. sartenada said

    Thank You takind us to walk with You in this beautiful landscape. I enjoyd especially the photo by name claud. Rose colored clouds are really nice to see.

    That was a surprise to read the name Nino. My daughter’s dog is called Niño. He is a Dalmatian.

    • Thanks for the visit, sartenada. The clouds were particularly picturesque and somehow colourful on that morning after the rain. Nice to hear my Nino has an homonym in Finland;in fact he is Elnino but being so lively and “stormy” sometimes, I thought wiser to call him just Nino 😉

  8. Thanks for the visit, sartenada, I am glad you enjoyed this type of landscape. Strange coincidence that your daughter has a Niño too 😉

  9. Thank you for taking us along on your walk Isa. You know, tonight when I went to yoga there was a young monk doing a meditative walk around the center. It wasn’t peaceful at all and I marveled at his ability to walk there and to be present. Your beagle is adorable.

    • Thank you Tammy. Yoga is wonderful for mind and body, isn´t it ? Trying to be present at all times is not so easy for me but I try to practice this regularly, it feels really good. Yes, Nino is adorable, walking with him is never boring 😉

  10. The dew on the grass. Yep, autumn is here. I can feel the crisp air in your photos.

  11. Gerry said

    I love the season too, and I’m very taken with the images you presented. Those mushrooms reminded me of some that just appeared on the slope next to my deck. It’s a good year for mushrooms, but like you I am unsure of them and will not add them to my supper!

    • Thanks Gerry, isn´t it amazing all you can see during a daily walk once you are “present” ? You are an inspiration for me as you share your own walks with Miss Sadie and the Cowboy. Am about to leave for another pleasant morning walk with an impatient beagle.

  12. Carsten said

    Thanks for taking us for a walk. It is very uplifting to se your pictures. The light rain did not seem to bother either you or the dog. Taking so many different pictures makes a good mood. Or is it the opposite way round?

    • I am happy you enjoyed my walk too. I think you are right Carsten, looking with more attention to nature and its gifts brightens up one´s mood. Thank you for all your visits, have a pleasant Sunday.

  13. giiid said

    You do have a very good sense of mixing images/words, make them work together and speak in one voice so to say. Your long experience from making the quilts is clear. These are so fresh and optimistic, with Nino as our curious guide.

    • Thank you giiid, your comments made me smile. I never thought of associating quilting with photography/writing but I understand your point. It´s good to read you enjoyed our walk. Do you walk yourself too ?

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