“The Tree”, a beautiful movie

September 11, 2010

Last night I  saw a movie at the cinema, a Franco-Australian fable  called : “The Tree”. Instantly this movie became a favourite of mine. I felt like sharing my enthusiasm and emotion with you and  I made a collage  to illustrate it. The first picture shows  a huge tree I photographed in a park of Melbourne. Apart from its size, it has not much to do really with the immense and symbolic fig tree in Queensland where the story takes place. The second picture is a photo of the film poster featuring Charlotte Gainsbourg (Dawn), the main actress in the movie. More  talented  and natural than ever.

This film is directed by Julie Bertucelli and is based on a novel by Judy Pascoe “Our Father  Who Art in the Tree”. This  delightful movie was presented on the closing night of the Festival de Cannes in France recently and was widely appreciated. Marton Csokas (George) and Morgana Davies, an exceptional and talented young actress (Simone) are amongst  the characters that will be remembered.

The story ? I do not feel like saying too much about it… Just know that the story starts in Australia. Peter and Dawn live happily somewhere in Queensland in the shade of their huge and magnificent fig tree. When Peter dies unexpectely, each member of the family reacts in his or her  own way in order to continue living without their dear partner and father.  Simone, their young daughter of 8 years old, believes her father’s soul lives now in the fig tree.  This little girl illuminates the whole film.

I hope some day you will be able to see  this movie made with a rare sensitivity. Queensland’s lanscapes are breathtaking and the photography in the film  is superb.


10 Responses to ““The Tree”, a beautiful movie”

  1. cindy said

    You have made me want to see the film, thank you Isa.
    Apprécier votre weekend !

  2. now I am tempted to see the movie. I like the mysterious aspects.

  3. Kathy said

    I am inspired to see the movie, too, Isa and will add it to my Netflix queue. Thank you for the positive words about the film.

  4. truels said

    Well, thank you for telling us about this film, I am sure, I will go and watch it, when it comes here to Denmark. Good movies are one of my favorite interests, I have linked to a few of them in in my blog :-). Do you know some of them??

  5. I hope you can see this film in Denmark, truels. Beside the story, Queensland’s images are breathtaking; the transport of a house on a truck through those immense plains is just surreal.
    I liked some of your favourite films like Babel, Wenders too. “We shall overcome” is one I would like to see. I also like Elvis, Jethro Tull, Nina Simone and more. Great choice you have there 🙂

  6. giiid said

    Thank you Isa, I´ll keep an eye on the upcoming films. I trust your review.

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