Pieces of a quilt – 1

September 2, 2010

Like moments in a life. A WIP or work in progress that I will share with you as memories come back and inspiration helps them  taking  shape.  I will try to blend in memories, my own perceptions of events together with fabrics, colours, patterns. Anything that will help illustrating someone´s life.

Circles that could be the years of a life,  like tree rings. They appear smooth and regular although some entangled rays  encircle those rings. They are  joyfully radiating from the core of this life and also somehow confusing in their dispersed directions. Life in its fullness.

In the South the light is bright at sunset;  a few drops of  rain have refreshed the  valley. A day of laughter and smiles, and maybe  also of tears and darker thoughts.  Life is never a long quiet river. One goes through so many emotions during a lifetime.

Then  in the morning the sun  shines anew over the luxuriant vegetation; a bright sun of hope whose rays warm one´s heart.  Dreams may come true.

19 Responses to “Pieces of a quilt – 1”

  1. Carsten said

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful work with us.
    The work in the middle appeals most to me: “A day of laughter and smiles, and maybe also of tears and darker thoughts”. There is much depth in this work.
    You are a very energetic artist Isabelle…..

  2. cindy said

    Wow, that is fine work!

  3. Gerry said

    I wish to see all of it–much as I am greedy to see the whole of life–but am grateful to have these intriguing glimpses. (Is that a tiny pocket I spy in the third image? Surely a place to keep a dream safe.)

    I always wonder, when I look at a quilt, what the quiltmaker was thinking about as each tiny stitch was made.

    • Gerry :)you made me smile as you wrote “I want to see all of it”. You will… some day. You are very perceptive, it could be a pocket but not quite and I love your idea of a place for keeping a dream safe. Thank you Gerry.

  4. truels said

    Isa, you are a very clever and talented artist – and I like your quilts very much, they are so beautiful!

  5. Kathy said

    Isa, this is beautiful, and so true. I love your mandala and the spiritual realizations you have gleaned through the creation. To create in the world that which we feel in our hearts & souls is a great gift indeed. Blessings!

  6. ancientcloth said

    Isa, very beautiful and poetic…what lovely memories
    swirling through your hands.
    I look forward to sharing this journey. ❤

  7. This is such a treat to see a WIP! Do you make your fabric as well? I love the spontaneity of the designs and that you are really creating a story with the pieces.

  8. Nice to read you, Tammy. I sometimes dye my own fabrics and the story I am trying to create with my fabrics is a real one I am remembering little by little.

  9. giiid said

    A wonderful idea, Isa, to make a patchwork showing moments from a life. It will be interesting to follow your work. The start looks promising, I like them all. How big will you make it, is that a descision you make from the beginning, or is it depending on your inspiration as you work? I didn´t know the short code WIP, but I surely have had great need of having a name for all my… WIP… works, wich is everywhere… 😉
    ps. (I hope there isn´t a time limit for the title?)

    • Thank you for always taking the time to comment, giiid. In fact I thought the quilt was already completed in my mind but the more I think of this man´s life, the more I feel like adding small signs like episodes. So, it depends on my inspiration as I work. Good luck with your own WIP ;)And no, no time limit 🙂

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