Summer abundance

August 24, 2010

Time for harvest ! Thanks to a very hot Summer,  Nature has been very generous ! We are having lots of fruits.  Here is an apricot tree growing on the way up to a mountain village. You can pick the fruits  yourself in the orchard,  then pay for your precious  harvest and go back home to prepare pies, marmelades, jellies or just eat them as they are: fresh, juicy, sweet.

I made some apricot marmelade for the Winter months;  a tasty reminder of a wonderful Summer afternoon spent in a steep field facing the mountains. I love spices and in this marmelade I added  just a few pieces of star anise.In our garden there is  only a single bush of redcurrants. But what a harvest ! This year its berries are particularly big and sweet. A vanilla pod gives an exotic touch to this bright red marmelade .Wild blackberries grow on a bank behind our house. Every year more and more. Almost an invasion… but one I don´t mind.  It is quite an experience (a painful one !) to pick  those delicious fruits hiding amongst their stubborn and sharp thorns !A painful job but what a reward ! The most gorgeous marmelade for your breakfast; I like to spread butter and marmelade on a slice of brown bread for my breakfast, a “tartine” as we call it.Another delicious fruit is the “zanette” (local name). These small yellow prunes are also growing in our mountains.  Not much bigger than an  olive. The prune trees do not give such a good harvest every Summer but sometimes you can be lucky. And when you are, those tiny prunes taste so good that you just eat them as you pick them : au naturel ! And if  you can save some, the marmelade you make is a real dessert. If you like “chaud-froid” (warm and cold), you can heat it lightly and serve it with an ice cream.  Why not giving yourself a treat ? 😉

24 Responses to “Summer abundance”

  1. cindy said

    What luscious bounty Isa, and your photos are stunning.
    I have never seen a Zanette.

  2. Your post is reminding me of the mountains I just left and how much I wish I could live there year round! Beautiful fruits, zanettes et apricots; how I live tartines with homemade jams from fresh fruits from the orchard! A real luxury, this one!

    • I remember your beautiful mountains over the sea, the orchards,the scent or orange blossoms… And you are right, tartines with homemade jams are a luxury, I am conscious of this as I eat them 🙂

  3. You’re making me hungry!
    I can’t eat blackberries anymore, but those aprocots and CURRANTS (!!!) look soooo good!

  4. Carsten said

    Oh, no. There are 3 hours to lunchtime…..
    These pictures are so much ‘Late summer’.
    I’d like a couple of those ‘Zanettes’ please.

  5. Kathy said

    How fortunate you are to be able to pick apricots off trees! The zanettes look so intriguing…and the freshness of the blackberries comes through the computer screen. Late summer is a most delectable time of year. Aren’t we fortunate to partake in the abundant harvest?

    • Yes, indeed I realize how fortunate we are to live in an area where fruits can be picked and bought directly from the farmers. In June we picked the strawberries and soon apples ! A wonderful Season. Much gratefulness for Nature´s gifts.

  6. Karma said

    It all looks so delicious, Isa! The currents look huge! I thought they were grapes at first. 🙂

  7. giiid said

    These wonderful sunny photos are so appealing, and your marmelade look so delicious!!I feel like making some too…Umnn.

  8. Gerry said

    I’m glad all that rain earlier this month didn’t ruin the fruit. It looks so good! You put together a berry quilt today Isa!

    • Gerry, what a lovely idea : a berry quilt ! I am just putting together a quilt (Grandmother flower garden) that I started… let´s say a few Summers ago! Better late than never, right ? thanks for your visit.

  9. Your post captures the essence of summer perfectly! I love the photos. I just posted a recipe for peaches that might work equally well for apricots. I may just have to see if it is so.

    • Glad you loved the photos, Tammy. I will have a look at your blog, there are still some apricots left in the cellar, their Season is almost over. See if I can try your recipe. Thank you !

  10. iniyaal said

    Wow.. Isa, those marmalades look delicious. You are lucky to be living close such natural bounty. Praise the lord for the good harvest 🙂

    • Haooy to see you back, iniyaal ! Thanks for the visit. Those marmelades are quite good, I have tried them all… my favourite is the apricot’s one although the blackberries are delicious too. I am grateful for such gifts, for sure.

  11. Janice said

    Oh my word! You have been busy! I love your ‘before and after’ collection of photos, and your jams and marmalades look absolutely wonderful – I’m sure they will taste wonderful too! What a glorious abundance of fruits you have around you – and all ‘food for free’. Wonderful!

  12. Thank you these pictures have brought me a happy memories of my grandmother and endless summer school holidays … I can smell and taste the big chunk of warm homemade bread covered with a generous spread of golden sweet apricot marmalade that only she could make …what a treat that was

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