After the sun, the storm !

August 2, 2010

Our National Day on August 1st started like this :

A bright blue sky, some pretty clouds to make it more alive, little Swiss flags fluttering in a light Summer wind. In short, there were great perspectives of a lovely evening with music, dances and some other celebrations that many people in the village had been preparing for quite a while.

Around 9pm, as a band of young musicians from the next village and a folk group from Indonesia had just arrived,  a violent wind almost blew away the big tents where the guests were preparing to play and dance. And the main street in the village looked like this :

People had deserted the tent where the food was prepared. Usually it is a big barbecue and the local famous meal : “raclette”, mountain cheese melted over a open fire (for a smaller crowd) or over a grill and served with potatoes and pickles, like last night. That is my main regret… I so enjoy eating raclette and I was not the only one !

Together with the wind, rain started falling heavily. Only the few courageous ones stayed under the tents hoping for a quieter weather but it did not happen.

People started to rush to the cafés and restaurants. This is where I stayed  for a while and took those few pictures whose quality is far from good but I just wanted to share last night mood with you.

Families of Dutch tourists were waiting patiently and more or less joyfully for clement skies… No usual National Day speeches nor anthem, no official fireworks nor bonfire, no dancing in the streets nor in pubs (too crowded !) but some isolated fireworks who brought cheerful sparkles under the rain 🙂 C´est la vie ! So is life !


14 Responses to “After the sun, the storm !”

  1. cindy said

    It looks very festive, I am sorry the weather spoilt it for you. And I also love eating raclette.

  2. giiid said

    The weather seems to behave more and more extremely, summer has been very hot here, actually july has been the hottest month we have had for many many years. I find your photos very informative, I like to see photos that explains how things was, both by the picture itself and by its tecnical expression. Everyone gets busy in a storm, also the photographer.
    I wonder why this weather wasn´t predicted? I use the online weather repport every day, because the weather here are changing so often, but there will of course always be sudden surprises, even for a meteorologist.

    • Welcome back giiid ! Nice to read you again. You know, this shower was predicted but never as a storm like the one we had. This area of Switzerland (Valais) is mostly dry and warmer than elsewhere but when the rain falls, you can expect violent storms sometimes.

  3. You’ve captured the day so well. I know the weather wasn’t optimal but it didn’t diminish the mood of your photos. I love the phone booth (?) in the background and how it glows like a lantern.

  4. Isa I looked at the first photograph in your post and for the moment I thought you have been sending them from the Himalayas…Tibetan prayer flags only afterwards I saw the white cross and realised we are in Switzerland …our memory plays tricks on us

    • Robert, I smiled at your comment:) wish I would have been in the Himalayas… have you ? I am not usually a fan of flags but those small ones flying in the sky looked quite attractive to me. Thanks.

  5. Janice said

    Oh no! Having said I was pleased the rain came for you, this sounds like a little too much! Your rain shots in the dark are very pleasing though, and your photos do capture the atmosphere of the evening. I hope you had a good time despite the terrible storm. And I like raclette too! We were introduced to it by a German friend, and sometimes have it for Sunday breakfast.

    • Thank you for stopping by, Janice. We did finally have a good time inside a small café, chatting with friends, meeting foreign tourists. So you like raclette too ? I never realised how popular this simple meal had become outside my country. Maybe this is your breakfast this morning ? 😉 bon appétit !

  6. Gerry said

    These are wonderfully evocative photos! They brought me right into the experience–wind, rain and drama! I feel sorry for the festival vendors. It’s hard to depend on Mama Nature’s moods for your living.

    There is a cheesemaker on Michigan’s Leelanau Peninsula who makes a raclette cheese that is very good. Unclear on the concept, I have been eating it with potatoes and no pickles! I promise to do better next time.

    • Thank you very much Gerry. In fact I was inspired by your own photos and writing as I posted this. Your blog is always so full of life and events, as if we were part of it, I enjoy your style and tried to share my evening as best as I could. Glad you like the raclette too 🙂

  7. truels said

    I hope you have got some more sunny summer weather again after the storm!

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