Summer heat (2)

July 27, 2010

After a few days of well needed rain and cooler temperatures, another heat wave is at the door. Time to  go to the swimming pool or to the lake for a tour on a small paddle boat or pédalo in French.

This could well be the last time  this Summer that we had a barbecue. Because of this long spell of hot days, fires are forbidden in the open; in the forests or in your own garden ! Too dangerous in such a dry Season. No private fireworks either in most places on August 1st, our National Day.

I wonder can you feel the heat in those last two photos ? The wheatfields are ready to be harvested, some have been already.  Their golden shade seem to attract the sun and reflect all this Summer heat.

The heat like a haze over the wheatfield…

Here is something very interesting for all of you who visit. How about  joining in on a photography assignement  by  Scott Thomas ?

Below is a link for more information. Everyone is invited !


16 Responses to “Summer heat (2)”

  1. magnumlady said

    Beautiful photos, it looks like you are having wonderful weather….unlike us!

  2. Carsten said

    Beautiful pictures Isa.
    I like the mood in the first image. It looks like one of the days where you can get bad sunburns because the sun is dimmed by the moisture. -But the UV goes right through.

  3. I could feel the heat. How cool was that water?

    Thank you for the link to the assignment blog. I hope you and anyone else visiting will give it a try.

  4. Kathy said

    Hello, Isa. Yes, I could feel the coolness of water and the heat from the fire and the simple presence in your words. Love coming to visit your blog so much!

  5. Beautiful Isa. I can feel the heat although living where we do in the desert we are a bit skeptical about what the rest of the world calls heat.

  6. Janice said

    Hello Isa,
    Thank you for all your lovely comments. I’m pleased to see since this post that you had the rain you needed. But these are gorgeous summery shots. Yes, I can ‘feel’ the heat of a beautiful summer – on the lake and in the last two shots in the field. Your barbecue is very grand! Almost like an Italian bread oven. Our BBQs are usually made of metal and are put away in the garage after use!

    • Thanks again Janice, I´m pleased also that you enjoyed my Summer mood. It´s over now, the sun shines but the heat is no longer blistering. This stone barbecue was built by a friend of ours, it looks like the small chalets of this area. I like it too.

  7. Jae Reaves said

    Oh what beautiful photographs! I wish I were there!

  8. Mahfooz said

    Great pictures, especially the last two.

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