Summer heat (1)

July 22, 2010

Inside or outside the house, the Summer heat we are experiencing for  almost a month is almost tangible. Trying to keep it outside is a job starting  early in the morning. I or someone else in the family (but usually it’s me…) open  shutters and windows widely. The  cool air moves around three similar windows and refresh the whole ground floor. A real delight ! Then, as soon as the Eastern sun gets warmer, I half close the shutters and shut the doors. I left them open just to show you the palpable heat trying to sneak in 😉

This second picture was taken in Andalusia, in the Spring of 2009. The sun was so hot already, even at the end of the day. I liked the way the curtain caught sight of the golden disc and of the heat you could feel through the rough textures of the linen.

And well… there are others who feel the heat in spite of their never ending energy ! Our animal friends. Little Ninio is no longer himself… even if he is still  full of mischief and hungry as ever. So thirsty too !  All of  sudden, he gets tired and stops all activity.The only place he enjoys resting on these days are the cool tiles of the ground floor. And even there, he looks like thinking :”When is the snow falling again ?” 😉


10 Responses to “Summer heat (1)”

  1. Gerry said

    That’s so dear–reminds me of the late great Jake, who spent all summer stretched out on the tiles in the entry.

    That first photo is very fine, and downright scary. We are a cool weather bunch around here!

    • thank you Gerry, our dogs know where the best places are, at any time ! Before lunch it´s definitely in the kitchen for Ninio… just in case he will get a chance tasting some new food.

  2. Janice said

    Three such lovely photos! Yes, I can ‘see’ the heat in the first one, and the second has a quality somewhere between painted canvas and embroidery. Poor Ninio! We’re having an unusually warm summer too and I have a formula for opening several doors and windows that encourage air to flow through, but my golden retriever is feeling it, and is moulting like I’ve never seen before. Hair everywhere!!!

    • Thanks for the visit and nice comments, Janice. We all seem to have our own formula to cool the house ! Air conditioning is rare over here. Summer is short and rarely that hot, so I won´t complain any longer 🙂

  3. ancientcloth said

    We have had our share of the heat too but, thankfully
    we are in a cooling wave of sorts…I smiled when I read about your routine…I open the curtains too to let the cool air flow through in the morning 🙂

  4. The first photo has me sweating. Our month long heat spell has also broken but the month of August is sure to remind us all again how warm it can be.

  5. Mystery of illuminated window … what lies behind? Contrast between the light and dark creates the sense of wonder…

  6. Thank you Robert, I liked your comments and images they suggested.

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