A breath of fresh air

July 6, 2010

Shopping in town on  hot days like we are having for the past week is something I rarely do. When I really have to, I always try to take time and visit the botanical garden. One of my favourite places in town.  At this Season the garden is a little paradise of shade and flowers. A real breath of fresh air, a haven of peace if you go there before midday. The arbour that looked so bare early this year is now covered with  pink wild roses. Nothing like natural shade can give you this wonderful feeling of coolness on a hot Summer day.

Even under the brilliant sun, the pond adds some freshness. How peaceful to look at  the water lilies  slightly undulating  in the water, it  quietens body and mind.

There is a particular place where I like to sit near a rosebush. Those tiny rosebuds  are an invitation and inspiration to any painter. And photographer… What I cannot share with you, unfortunately, is their  subtle, delicate scent.

As I sat on the bench enjoying this moment,  lost in my thoughts, I heard a prolonged “miaou”… Looking around I saw a black cat probably feeling a bit lonely and who was lying on the ground not far from me. He stayed there  quietly then followed me when I got up and walked further in the garden.

Young people had arrived near the pond. Some students were working together on a project.  The college of biology is close by and sometimes I see them sitting in the garden having lunch or reading. An extra-mural break…More people arrived and sat around the pond. These  girls were obviously very busy checking their  messages and totally oblivious of their surroundings. They were reading and commenting their sms for everyone to hear : “He writes beautifully, you know and he loves me so ! ”  🙂

Followed by my new friend, the cat,  I strolled all around the garden before driving back home. I  took a few pictures here and there, stopping to read the names of various trees, bushes and flowers, amazed at their origin. A world travel in miniature ! The tropical greenhouse looked inviting… but definitely too warm and humid in Summer. I will visit it on colder, duller days.  As I walked, I took a few photographs; you may recognize some arnica flowers, water lilies, fuchsias, wild roses, flax plants, edelweiss, irises. There were many more… We will leave those for a next visit ! Hope you enjoy this one 🙂

Where flowers bloom so does hope.
–  Lady Bird Johnson, Public Roads: Where Flowers Bloom

Each flower is a soul opening out to nature.
–   Gerald De Nerval

In joy or sadness, flowers are our constant friends.
–  Kozuko Okakura


22 Responses to “A breath of fresh air”

  1. What a beautiful place you have to visit and enjoy!
    The Dallas Arboretum isn’t too far from me, and looking at your photos makes me wish I could go. It’s much too hot right now, though, and I’m impatiently waiting for cooler temperatures in the fall.

    • Thank you Michaela. I do remember the Summer heat the first time I arrived in Texas in July… Houston was like Africa ! The vegetation was luxuriant and my hair started frizzing from the humidity. Looking forward to seeing some pictures of your own Arboretum some time in the Fall 🙂

  2. truels said

    Thanks for this post with a breath of fresh air from you, Isa, I’m glad you are back on your blog again 🙂 . I always enjoy visiting botanical gardens too.

    • Hello truels ! Very nice to read your comment, thank you. Yes, I´m back, in the Alps for the moment, enjoying quiet walks along mountain tracks and the air, even cooler than in the botanical garden, a real pleasure ! Have a lovely Summer 🙂

  3. I am thousands of miles away, but in the mountain house i get to enjoy similar scenery: pond with lilies, a gazebo with hanging wisteria, mountains and valleys of Lebanon; yesterday, while in a remote village in the mountain, in the midst of farmers I noticed all the kids with no exception busy on their IPhones or cell phones on Facebook or MSN or playing video games.

    • Beautiful images of your country, I remember the mountains and the sea, the orchards and the scents… Smiling at the similitudes of young people across the world 🙂 thank you for your visit and comment.

  4. That arbor and pond look idyllic. And your photos are truly gorgeous.

  5. iniyaal said

    Refreshing photos… The garden looks so full of life and beauty. The photo of rose buds is sooo beautiful.

  6. This would be a nice place to relax on a hot day. Hope the heat breaks for you soon. Mine should in the next day or so.

    • Yes, you are right Scott, the shade in this garden is so welcome on such hot days, in the 30°C this week.Tonight though there is rain and storm and the temperature has dropped of quite a few degrees. Ouf! breathing more freely at last. Thank you for your visit.

  7. giiid said

    You are a poet, Isa; when you tell about what you have seen, you are able to make it into a story with many levels. Lovely emotionel pictures are being painted in front of ones eyes while reading your lines. In combination with the illustration added, you are making an electronic patcwork too, so to say. It´s always very pleasant to visit you here.

    How sweet to have this cat following you, they are so much going their own way, that they become a little mysterious, I think. Unfortunately I suffer from allergy, otherwise I think I would like to have a cat friend.
    This reminds me of a little cat-video I saw at blogfriend Cindys blog:

    • Lovely to read you giiid, I am really happy if you find my blog pleasant to visit. I hesitate sometimes before posting a picture only. Most of the time though a picture evokes a special moment and place, a person or just some thoughts of mine and then I think “Why not share them ?” I am not usually a cats´friend but this one definitely needed company ;)I went to see the ninja cat : hilarious and courageous fingers…

  8. Lovely photos as usual Isa. I also find respite in our Botanical Gardens. When it cools off here, I will try to take some photos there and post for you to see as well.

  9. ancientcloth said

    What a lovely place…those moments in a place like
    this are “heaven.” I love antique roses, the smell reminds me of my grandmother. She used to raise antique roses. Arnica is fabulous for sore muscles.
    What a sweet kitty. ❤
    Lovely photos as always!

    • Thank you ancientcloth, nice to read you enjoyed visiting my small Botanical Garden. Arnica is a great flower for medical purposes. I use it a lot. At the moment arnica flowers bloom in our mountain pastures and are a real delight to look at.

  10. Janice said

    Hello Isa,
    Thank you for visiting my blog yesterday and leaving a comment. I’m so glad you did because it prompted me to come over here. Your blog is beautiful – your photography, your quilts and your outlook. This is my first visit but definitely won’t be my last. Your photograph of the mother and child a few posts back is so lovely, and the story that goes with it very touching.

  11. Welcome Janice ! I was very impressed by your blog that I discovered thanks to Nancy. I love those links that lead us travelling here and there. Such poetry and creativity I found on yours, all offered with wonderful photography. We´ll meet again :)Thank you for your visit and comment.

  12. Gerry said

    Tonight all the photos loaded–such a pleasure to see the full post, with the lovely collage! I am not surprised that the cat chose to walk along with you.

  13. Isa your rosebush photograph is true piece of art. Seen through your eyes world seems beautiful.

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