buds and buddies

April 23, 2010

Sometimes buds can be real buddies 🙂 what a pleasure to look more closely at nature these days ! Buds are coming out  from a long and cold Winter, holding on to each other to bloom into a new Season. Small promises of more to come, foliage,  flowers,  fruits.

Looking out of my  kitchen window I also see other buddies… I hear them before  seeing them though ! Talking, laughing, sometimes they stop and wave at me. Three young neighbours are coming back home from school apparently neither  very hungry nor in a hurry.  They took the long way across the fields. So much more interesting ! The playground is on the way, no cars around,  no cows in the field, all is theirs to linger and observe. Sometimes, when time gets real close to lunch, they pick a few wild flowers for their moms. The type of flowers that brings a smile on anyone’s face, especially mothers 🙂

“Hello Kevin, Mathias, Lori ! I saw you ;)”

18 Responses to “buds and buddies”

  1. What a great photograph of boys returning home from the school…even more the idea behind it. That is how how the childhood should be , walking trough the fields of dreams…i feel for the kids who live in the big city and miss on moments like this …Thanks

    • Isabelle said

      Thank you Robert, yes these kids here in the village are lucky to be able to walk to school through the fields of dreams… I like very much your poetic expression. Things change a bit when they finish primary school and take the train to town to attend secondary school (13-15 years old).

  2. Ah, I remember walking the wildflower fields, picking handfuls of blooms for my mom. And she would smile every time, puttin them in a vase on the windowsill. Thanks for the childhood memory. Lovely photos! 🙂

    • Isabelle said

      Same as you, milkayphoto, this view reminds me of picking flowers – and veges in the neighbour’s garden 😦 – for my mother. The first were happily received, the others… I had to bring back.

  3. Camilla said

    Beautiful! How lovely to have this view, and such sweet neighbours!

    • Isabelle said

      Thanks for stopping by Camilla, yes I realize my luck to live in such a peaceful and lovely environment from morning till evening. At night I sometimes hear foxes and the frightened hens, owls and many birds as soon as it’s getting light.

  4. Lovely but I have to admit to a bit of envy as I see your darling neighbors cutting through a field of flowers. Here in the city, I load ’em up and drop ’em off. What a pleasure it would be to walk a path like the one you’ve shown.

    • Isabelle said

      Hello Tammy 🙂 I imagine your children would love this place too but they surely have other places of interest to look at and when the week-end comes an outing in the country really is the big event !

  5. iniyaal said

    Lovely pictures… The second picture is beautiful. One thing I defintely miss after growing up is the no-care attitude. Beautiful fields… I am sure this picture would pop-up in my dreams of moving away fom city life.

  6. Gerry said

    The meadow looks as if it goes on forever. It’s a lovely image, Isa.

  7. Thanks a lot iniyaal and Gerry. These fields are quite large; in Winter you can ski across them to the forest and further. Right now it’s a rhapsody in yellow 😉 later there might be wheat, corn, beet or potatoes, depending on the alternance of cultures.

  8. Kathy said

    Oh, Isabelle, lovely indeed! Both the buds and the buddies and the yellow field… The way you write makes me feel like I’m right there. Hope nobody has allergies when they stop by your blog! ha ha, just kiddin’…

  9. ancientcloth said

    It is about seeing the simple beauty before our eyes and seeing those beautiful children and the thought of them picking wild flowers for their mothers…how sweet! Lovely ❤

  10. pearlz said

    The pictures are just delightful, the field of flowers….is like a yellow and green river

  11. giiid said

    Hi Isa.
    I´m looking foreward to see your next post,- when you get the time to make it, – it is always so nice and inspiring to read/see.

    Hoping you are well.

  12. Hello Kathy, ancientcloth, pearlz and giiid, please excuse my silence, I have not been too well lately but I am back on a sunny day, a quiet Sunday. A hot air balloon is flying over the village, birds happily singing and I am about to go for a delightful walk along a river with my dog. I hope you are all well and happy 🙂
    Thank you for your warm comments.

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