poisson d’avril !

April 2, 2010

No, it was not a “poisson d’avril”, April Fool’s Day in English ! But  real snow that had fallen all night long. Yesterday, 1st of April, I could not believe my eyes as I opened the shutters : all white again, silent and very cold. Why do we call it a “poisson d’avril” (litterally translated “April’s fish”) ? On that particular days kids love to play tricks to one another or to adults too ; one that is well known is to hang – very discreetly – a paper fish on someone’s back. It creates lots of laughter, of course 🙂

Looking down from the roof window, I could see someone not a bit worried about the weather… hiding under a snow blanket  and probably waiting for me to find him !

This is the view I have at all Seasons when I open the window. I love it all year round. This is also the start of my daily walks in the woods. A place where people meet to play tennis or soccer or pétanque (French lawn bowling)

14 Responses to “poisson d’avril !”

  1. Hi Isa

    We got that snow earlier this week in Ireland, we had about 6 inches of it, but it’s all melted now and raining again 😦 We have today off work as it is Good Friday so I am just relaxing. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter

    All things nice…

  2. Can’t….look…at…snow…hurts…eyes…need…spring! 😉

    Lovely pics but so sorry!

  3. Gerry said

    Such lovely photos! I am sorry that Mama Nature has hung a paper fish on your back–and then topped it off with snow! Perhaps it will all be melted by the time you read this. We are having summer weather, which is a terrible thing for local agriculture, but a wonderful thing for local tourism, so we are at odds with ourselves. In due course, this too shall pass.

  4. Kathy said

    Oh my Isa! I hesitate to say it’s beautiful, but it is. As Gerry said, our temps have been near 80. Breaking all sorts of records! But…if previous years mean anything…we’ll probably have another snowfall before it’s all over. Smiling to think of your walks in the woods. And the hanging of the paper fish behind one’s back.

  5. Isa, you live in such a beautiful spot. I just turned in from a mountain bike ride through the desert where all the cacti are blooming. Also lovely!

  6. pearlz said

    Wow such a different landscape to where I am, but still very magical. We wake up to ripples and roars of rain.

  7. giiid said

    It all looks so peaceful and cosy, you live at a very nice place, Isa. Nino is clever at hiding, he actualy is difficult to see, – if not for his tail!

  8. iniyaal said

    Lovely scenery… In my part of the world, it is mid-summer. I am in the midst of scorching heat. Your pics are a soothing balm to my eyes 🙂 But I do understand how you might feel with continous snowfall. Hope spring dawns soon, bringing in cheer and joy.

  9. How wonderful to come back to my “threads”… and find all your great comments. I appreciate each word and smile and wishes and thought. I like the fact that we come from different horizons and that Winter or Spring do not have the same appearance here and there. Sharing is truly enriching. Thank you all for visiting and being patient with me 😉 Happy Spring to all, wherever you are !

  10. Deanna said

    Well I don’t think I’ll be able to complain about the cold here this Winter after seeing these images. Though beautful they make me go brrr!

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