Colourful day

March 30, 2010

And a Happy one too ! The top of my Séminole quilt is finally sewn together. It is not quite finished though, I may add a colourful border – pink ? turquoise ? yellow ?  See what materials are still there…  All are recycled fabrics and there are not many left in those shades now.

Then slowly but surely I will start the  handquilting. Not on the patterns themselves (too many seams) but rather on the plain stripes, black or coloured. A slow work I will enjoy doing during the Summer months, often as I sit in the garden. Hopefully the temperature will be milder as when I took this picture 😉

I may not sew again a second Séminole quilt… but I am definitely very glad I took up this 12 months’ challenge. I am happily surprised at the result.

This is the last picture I made of the stripes before I sewed them together, cutting some of the wide black parts and adding here and there a few colourful left-over materials and patterns.

What a warm and colourful Winter it was !


22 Responses to “Colourful day”

  1. truels said

    Just saw your quilt now – and WOW!!!! THAT is SO fantastc beautiful! Thanks for showing it. I can’t stop looking at it. And what a comprehensive work.

  2. giiid said

    What a very very beautiful and creative quilt!!Nice colors, nice and clear pattern. I realy like it. The photos are nice too.

  3. Gerry said

    What a lovely thing. I cannot imagine doing such intricate handwork. It must be very absorbing.

  4. Carsten said

    It is a very beautiful piece of work you have made. I understand why you are proud of it and presents it to all of us.
    One year! that’s called persistent patience! Bravo!

  5. Your quilt is fabulous. I love that you’ve included so many beautiful colors.

  6. Many thanks to you truels, giiid, Gerry, Carsten, Tammy. I am happy you like this quilt. It was an intricate handwork indeed, something very precise and so much of a challenge for me. When I look at it, I am really surprised I could make it till the end ;)Yes, Carsten, persistent patience was needed all year long but it was worth it.

  7. pearlz said

    I love it (: its so colourful. We don’t have so much cold here, but certainly plenty of big wet- rainy season tail end right now, our cyclone season is almost over…. hooray.

  8. ancientcloth said

    What a beautiful quilt. It reminds me of my
    beloved Santa Fe. The smell of pinion and sage
    everywhere and beautiful turquoise.
    You are a very patient person 🙂

  9. iniyaal said

    Lovely quilt… The sight of so many colours and the intricate work is inspiring in itself. It is very beautiful.

  10. what a fantastic work of art. Well done.

  11. iniyaal and innersanctumgals, I really appreciate your comments and compliments ! it was a lot of work but now that I look at the result, well worth it.

  12. sewsolidcrew said

    I love it!! very nice use of colour and pattern. it looks very intricate, well done. x

  13. Thank you sewsolidcrew for your warm comments. Are you a quilter yourself ?

  14. sewsolidcrew said

    I am a novice quilter. I’ve been sewing for a few years now but ! have only made 1 quillow (quilt that turns into a pillow). My mum is the quilter in the family but I am trying to pick it up from her. It’s really nice to get some inspiration from different blogs out there.

  15. Deanna said

    Such a beautiful and joyful quilt – the geometric patterns make this quilt very striking!

  16. sartenada said


    This kind of quilt I have not seen before. Especially I love its colors and style.

    I wish to You Happy Quilting!

  17. Hello and thank you sartenada 🙂 this is a Seminole quilt, patterns inspired from this Indian tribe’ craft. I appreciate your comment and visit.

  18. […] Some of Isa´s quilts; here another here and one more here […]

    • Thank you for another link to my quilts. I still have the quilting to do on this piece, a long work that I should make more regularly but my hands havew been hurting lately. I will eventually finish it 🙂

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