? Spring, really ?

March 27, 2010

Today is a stormy day, rain and wind and cold temperatures again. 10°C less than these past days.  Such will be  our weekend according to the  weather forecast… No wonder if  some trees  have adopted the “question mark attitude” and ask themselves questions about the  real arrival of Spring !

Oh well, Happy Spring weekend to all anyway !

Spring (8 haiku)

spring breezes
blowing bubbles
puppy tails

spring breezes
whispering now
our secret

spring wind
sail boats in the fountain
my first kite

spring wind
Easter dresses
white flashes

spring wind
foul air
circus in town

spring wind
gazebo gone
April fool

spring wind
kite in the sky
pulling my hand

spring night
our last dance
song without end

Ben Gieske

8 Responses to “? Spring, really ?”

  1. Gerry said

    Spring’s an illusion
    Winter in lamb’s clothing
    Will it break our hearts?

  2. Oh Gerry, thank you 🙂 this is lovely. You are a poet !

  3. Carsten said

    Thanks for the beautiful haiku verses Isabelle.
    ..I hope Gerry is wrong this time. Spring must not be an illusion!

    • No, Spring is no illusion… although it seems to love playing hide and seek right now, between sunshine and freezing breeze, snowfalls on the crocuses and more surprises ! I loved those haiku too, Carsten.

  4. Kathy said

    Oh no spring is trickster! It appears beckoning her finger, asking us to get closer, and then retreats. How could she? (That’s the question mark on the tree…) Love your haiku, too!

  5. iniyaal said

    Loved the haiku… Makes me dream of hilltops with wild flowers in bloom and children playing with kites 🙂
    In my part of the world, we are bang in the middle of a swealtering summer and its scorching here 🙂

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