Dialog without words

March 7, 2010

Words do not always need to be expressed… So much can be said between four eyes.  Or so I imagined 😉

Oh Isa,  at last you are here! I was waiting for you .

I have a real big problem …

I lost that favourite bone of mine 😦 You know the one, don’t you ?

I searched everywhere for it, inside and outside.

I know it’s here somewhere but it’ll take me ages to find it ! I’m quite desperate 😦

Please Isa, can you help ??

“Sure, little Buddy, we’ll find it. Some day :)”


10 Responses to “Dialog without words”

  1. Aww poor Nino, he really looks lost without his bone.

    All things nice…

  2. Gerry said

    Oh, my, such an expressive little face! This is a beautiful series.

    My dogs are definitely able to communicate without words. They really work at it, too. I suspect they are puzzled that it takes me so long to understand.

  3. Ha! I have similar dialogues with my cat. LOVE the second image – so sweet! I hope he finds his bone!

  4. giiid said

    This is so sweet, it would be a very good story to make into a book for children (and apparently oldies, – I was catched by the drama, too )…it has a good pointe,- about snow and things that get lost/are found again.

  5. Kathy said

    What a cutie! Look at his eyes…

  6. iniyaal said

    He looks cute… Hope he gets back his bone 🙂

  7. Those eyes can certainly talk…beautifull creature

  8. Oh poor little guy. He seems so forlorn and lost. I just love a beagle’s face.

  9. ancientcloth said

    Nino is adorable!
    You have captured his cute little expressions and no words are necessary…too cute!

  10. Thank you all for your appreciation and such lovely comments ! Yes, Nino can “speak” with his eyes and expressions better than with any word. And I am not mentioning his various sorts of barking and body language. Endless ways of trying to show me what he feels and is up to.

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