In love

February 14, 2010

A young couple looking into each other’s eyes with so much love 🙂

Usually I am not too keen on taking pictures of people, I am a bit shy about it. On this particular occasion, I thought I would not be noticed at all, so totally oblivious were they of the people right beside them.  There were many tourists visiting the ancient castle of Gruyères. Now imagine that for a second they, “les amoureux”,  had looked around  or below the old window they were sitting on. It  was highly unlikely but just imagine 😉 This is what they would have seen : a nicely designed  garden inside  the castle walls. Over the walls, green pastures, forests and mountains. An idyllic landscape.

The castle is built on a hill and is quite a sight no matter what direction you come from. The young couple was sitting inside a large open window that you may notice on the outer wall of the castle. Better seen in the last picture, in Winter time.

Here is  is the  castle of Gruyères in Summer and in Winter. I have seen it many times but can’t help admiring this site whenever I am in the area.

Happy Valentine Day to all !


12 Responses to “In love”

  1. sinbalas said

    Very beautiful your photos selected and the first picture represents love, in this, the valentine’s day … greetings sinBalas

  2. giiid said

    The first photo is so sweet, taken in just the right moment, -I think it will be the winner, if you use it in a contest.
    I would like to know more about the castle, your photos are both interesting and showing a beautiful area. The snow photo is almost dreamy, as from a fairy tale.
    Valentine´s day is not a Danish tradition, but anyway; Happy Valentine´s day to you too. 🙂

  3. Thank you for your visit sinbalas. Yes, I just thought this particular picture would be the right one for Valentine Day 🙂

    giiid, happy to see you back ! I always appreciate your words and interest. Here is a link about the Gruyères (area) and the castle itself :
    You may have heard or even tasted the Gruyères cheese ? It is produced in this rural area mainly.

  4. Hi Isabelle,
    I love gruyère, of course, and had heard of the castle but had never seen pictures of it. Thanks for bringing a bit of Switzerland to us, the photos are lovely and so evocative! Love the one with the young lovers, it is so natural and the setting is so romantic!

  5. Thanks a lot for your visits and warm comments, tasteofbeirut, I am happy that you enjoy looking at my pictures, photography is one of my passions !

  6. ancientcloth said

    The picture of the couple is fabulous…sweet love!
    The last picture was Whoa! stunning…just amazing.
    So beautiful it does not seem real…magical!
    : )

  7. Gerry said

    This is such a fine post – the young lovers captured like fresh roses just opened – the fairytale castle (and the cheese–I am fond of cheese). What a dreamy Valentine confection.

  8. ancientcloth, yes, aren’t they sweet these young lovers ? I could not resist taking a picture.

    Gerry, I like your description of the couple as “fresh roses” :)the castle is always a pleaure to visit, at any season, inside its imposing rooms, outside in its garden and yards, even walking all around it, looking at the landscape. Painting, photography and sculptures exhibitions attract many people in this castle.

  9. iniyaal said

    Lovely castle.. and beautiful garden. All the pictures in this post are very well taken… especially the first and last images.

  10. Love this post Isa. You have stolen the moment for ever…that is how I also feel when I try to take photos of ususpected people or should I say that is the reason why I don’t make them…most of the time anyway

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