February 11, 2010

Yes, this happy time of the year has come again ! Time also for a school holiday that coincides with the celebration of Carnival for all those who wish to participate. And there are quite a few, believe me !  Of all ages. Last year in February I happened to visit a small town, Bulle. In spite of the freezing temperature, the atmosphere in town was very warm. It was the Children’s Carnival ! For weeks, the kids had been making their own costumes at school or in kindergarten ; they were proudly and joyfully coming and going in the streets of Bulle.

It was a colourful event; imagination, creativity and talent sparkled in those beautiful  costumes . There was music too, dancing, singing and above all the enthusiasm of everyone for those happy confettis-battles !

Some cute little guys  – and far-sighted ! – were collecting   confettis for next year ! Or to bring back home for their parents’ joy 😉

At the end of the parade, a few little heroes were obviously very tired… and happy to be pulled in an old hand-cart. The Children’s Carnival was a great success,  viewers and actors, all enjoyed themselves a lot. Then everybody went back home,  by foot, in a cart or by car… The streets would keep a trace of Carnival for a long time ! And the kids would dream in colours,  with in their ears maybe the sound of exuberant trumpets and drums.

4 Responses to “Carnival”

  1. wisewithin said

    Thank you for sharing about the colorful carnival. Great photos. Has me smile and think of the Mardi Gras Carnival — underway now in New Orleans, La – where I’m originally from : )

  2. What great costumes! I think the shot of color is just what we need in the depths of winter! 🙂

  3. Gerry said

    You made wonderful mosaics! And I enjoyed visiting Carnival very much. The little guy falling asleep in his fur-lined wagon is irresistible.

  4. wisewithin, thanks for visiting. Your Mardi Gras is so famous and Louisiana a destination I hope to reach one day (for its delicious cooking too !)

    croquecamille, oui, we do need some colours in our long, cold Winter, merci pour ta visite 🙂

    Gerry, I really appreciate your comment, thank you. This little guy was sound asleep in the middle of the loud music and children’s joyful screaming a while later… Too much is just too much !

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