Soccer in Winter

January 30, 2010

Soccer fields look a bit eerie and deserted in Winter over here.

Although walking with Ninio always brings you some surprise…  he was all ears and run along a smaller field.

A few boys, the real passionate soccer fans, were enjoying themselves playing football in the snow !

He watched with great attention hoping the ball would roll his way 😉

No such luck today, Ninio 😦 we’ll come back in the Spring !


7 Responses to “Soccer in Winter”

  1. ancientcloth said

    Fog is always “eerie” to me. Nino is too cute!

  2. All things nice.. said

    Aww poor Nino really wanted to play ball 🙂 Lovely photographs as always

    All things nice…

  3. Carsten said

    It is good that Nino can take you out with your camera.
    The light on the empty soccer field in the first image is absolutely outstanding.

  4. Merci ancientcloth, All things nice et Carsten 🙂 So nice to read your comments, I am glad your appreciate walking with me on such a cold day 🙂

  5. giiid said

    Ninio has such a beautiful golden fur! Your photos shows very well how he is hoping for a little playtime. Lovely, nice and cold photos 🙂

  6. iniyaal said

    The last picture is very nice… Good colours and a different angle.

  7. Thanks for your visit and comment iniyaal 🙂

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