January 22, 2010

Frost, snow, grey sky and coldness are still very present here. We all seem to get used to those low temperatures (-5°C or less in the morning, a few degrees higher during the day). One thing though keeps me wondering every day and I look forward to my walk in the woods : it is the extraordinary and fabulous transformation of vegetation through the frost. How can one ever get used to the beauty of these branches  ?

or those dry  flowers which seem to have gotten a new life  with the frost ?

I find that Nature is a never ending source of wonder and beauty. Everywhere, at all Seasons.

As the French saying goes “Année de givre, année de fruits”… “A frosty Winter gives a generous harvest of fruits in Summer” 😉 So, let’s look forward to warmer days !

7 Responses to “Frost”

  1. ancientcloth said

    Wow! Just stunning and beautiful. You always capture the beauty of nature…I feel as though I am right there. Those little moments in nature make me so happy. One day I heard and saw a tiny single mountain chickadee bird singing right above me. It was a gift…because when the ground is covered in snow one does not see or hear too many birds.

  2. giiid said

    These photos are so beautiful. A real pleasure to look at. Well done, Isa.

  3. Thank you ancientcloth and giiid. Nice to read you enjoy these views of my walk to the woods. It is true that a bird’s song in a freezing day is a real gift. There is an unusual silence over the forest apart from the crows’ loud cries. There aren’t many birds around these days although as soon as the sun shines they suddenly appear from nowhere and start chirping joyfully.

  4. It’s good to escape the heat of the summer and cool down in your intimate winter landscapes…and gather the inspiration

  5. All things nice.. said


    More beautiful photographs, the trees and plants look so delicate in the winter time with the frost and snow. You are an excellant photographer, keep up the good work 🙂

    All things nice…

  6. iniyaal said

    Beautiful photos… You are blessed with the talent to capture beauty hidden in nature.

  7. Truly, (and thankfully) I am still not accustomed to the beauty of such branches. Your photos do them justice.

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