December 20, 2009

A real cool Sunday morning (-7°C), not much snow but frost adding a touch of magic to the landscape. The last roses in the garden, growing against the South wall of the house,  are still strong and shining in the early sun. Persistence that brings bright sparks of colour under the pale blue Winter sky.

“The Rose is gowned in petaled grace and lovely beyond telling;
She always lifts a friendly face, regardless of her dwelling.
Her golden silence can express to us, no matter where, joy shared;
give solace in distress from those who fondly care. The Rose has ways of saying things we much delight to hear;
without a spoken word, she brings and keeps our loved ones near”
~Laura S. Beck

Wishing you all a pleasant Sunday !

6 Responses to “Persistence”

  1. Carsten said

    Thank you for the fine poem. Your image really illustrates the cold winter. Also here in Denmark it is cold these days.
    I wish you a pleasant Sunday.

  2. ancientcloth said

    This is such a beautiful picture and the word
    “persistence” seems to be a word I am hearing a lot
    these days…i.e. “never give up hope”.
    : )

  3. Dallas said

    Great picture and a very beautiful poem.

  4. giiid said

    Such a sight, with the poem in mind is food for the soul. You´ve captured it very well.

  5. Thank you Carsten, ancientcloth, Dallas and giiid for stopping by and leaving such lovely comments. Much appreciated. Persistence, in all its forms, is definitely something I admire and try to live in my own life. Persévérance. Never give up hope, you are right ancientcloth.

  6. iniyaal said

    The picture is beatiful. Title you chose for it is apt. I lved this picture best of all I have so far seen in your blog 🙂

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