Christmas decoration

December 14, 2009

Slowly but surely, home looks more and more “Christmassy”. Quilts, stars, crown, pine cones, baubles were all sewed along the years. They add  a colourful touch inside the house whereas  outside trees are bare and bent by a strong and freezing Northern wind.

I just started decorating the Christmas Tree too, one I bought in the village. Every year the funds of this sale will help children go to a ski-camp for one week. This year I fixed decorations  in the upper part of the tree only. And of course, no candles nor small chocolate figurines !

But “why” ? would you ask. “Her Christmas tree looks so minimaliste” ! Just wait till you see the next pictures. They are quite self-explanatory….

Ninio is a great acrobat, there is no obstacle for his stubborness.  And his curiosity for novelty is… boundless !

4 Responses to “Christmas decoration”

  1. Carsten said

    What happened to Ninio? Well he can still eat goodies from the tree, even with that thing on his neck.
    Looking forward to seeing your tree. Perhaps i can show our tree in a later post.

  2. All things nice.. said

    Aww poor Nino, did he get hurt? Your christmas decorations are really pretty 🙂

    All things nice…

  3. ancientcloth said

    Ha! I thought it was to keep small visitors from touching : )
    Your tree is lovely!
    All the sweet hand made decorations are so charming.
    If I had all the ornaments I have made over the years they would fill a tree. Hope your Holidays are lovely.

  4. Thanks Carsten, ancient cloth and All things nice :)Ninio had surgery and this “collerette” (collar) was put around his neck to prevent him to scratch the stitches under his tummy. I
    However it did not prevent him to do his acrobatics.

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