Foggy days

December 3, 2009

The first snow fell a few days ago. It topped the mountains and stayed in the alpine areas. Around here (at 8oom high) we just had a few centimeters of fresh snow that is almost gone now. Generally December   can bring  a dense  fog hiding fields and forests  or a light mist  that seems to create  new landscapes. All eerie and poetic.

Fields and villages get a “new look”,  unreal, soft, silent.   Like this  cool Winter sunset over lone farms near my home.

If you are lucky though, and often we are, fog and mist  change into a blue sky and crisp air. The countryside is the same and yet, it is different.

11 Responses to “Foggy days”

  1. giiid said

    Your photos are so poetic, in particular the one in the middle. I feel I am there, looking into a loong story about what have happened as time have passed.

    Even though the fog makes beautiful sceneries, blue sky is great to have!

  2. All things nice.. said


    Those photographs are amazing. Oh and I love your new header with the christmas quilt in the snow- how festive.

    All things nice…

  3. “Foggy Day” is wonderful image, love your interpretation and I truly connect with the mood of that moment

  4. Deanna said

    Hi Isa,
    I really love Foggy Day as well. What a beautiful and spooky image of the mist against and through the bare branches of the trees: – )
    It’s Spring here on the other side of the world!
    Deanna x

  5. iniyaal said

    Love the photos. It must feel nice to wake up every morning and enjoy these pristine landscapes.

  6. Astonishing images; if my comments are not lost amongst your growing number of admirers then I congratulate you.

    Over & out.

  7. Please excuse my delay in answering your wonderful comments on these foggy days’ pictures.
    Thank you giiid, All things nice, Robert, Deanna, iniyaal and chasingstatus. Fog adds something special to a landscape, it can last a bit too long in this area though. Some days you are lucky to get a few shy sunrays through the mist, barely enough to highlight the whole scenery, then it is simplyy beautiful !
    Chasingstatus, you comments were not lost, I am looking forward to visit your blog and travel along your roads.
    Thank you all 🙂

  8. Isa, the photographs are beautiful. A wonderful country where you live. The scenes are like a post card picture. The fog seems to add serenity and a certain kind of quietness to the atmosphere.

    • Thank you Yvonne. You are right, the fog adds serenity and a tranquil mood to a landscape although some people say it can also be a bit scarry at times. But not for me when in Nature. Maybe in certain areas of a city though.

  9. I’m really drawn to the lyrical quality in “Foggy Day” and “First Snow”…looking forward to more!

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