Giving thanks with a “bisou”

November 26, 2009

This was no Thanksgiving Day but these people were having some kind of celebration, for sure ! It was a few years ago in Lyon (France). I was walking along the river flowing across the city and stopped beside this barge where a long table had been set and beautifully decorated. Obviously they were waiting for more guests. A young man was giving a sweet kiss – un bisou –  to his partner. Another man smiled to me and said “pas de photo, svp”,  “no photo please”. Jokingly.

Thanksgiving was not celebrated on this river boat but all the guests around this happy table were definitely thankful to be together on that day. An engagement or a wedding lunch ?  And two of them even more grateful to the paths of life that brought them together.

Today as I remember this moment in Lyon, I thought of sharing this picture with you. To all of you who celebrate this happy day I wish a wonderful Thanksgiving !

4 Responses to “Giving thanks with a “bisou””

  1. ancientcloth said

    So “bisou” means kiss?
    Very sweet!
    Thank you
    : )

  2. Oui, ancientcloth, “bisou” (“beezoo”)is a kiss 🙂 thanks for visiting, have a lovely weekend !

  3. Nye said

    I would say something catchy in French, but don’t know any phrase. 🙂

    The French do know how to celebrate, the table and setting looked lovely. And a Happy belated Thanksgiving to you and your family. 🙂

  4. giiid said

    Oh, this looks so inviting, I could certainly spend some time there! It´s nice to have the possibility to share old memories by showing photos, – for instance at ones blog. Thank you for showing this, one of your old memories.

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