November 24, 2009

This small transformer was lying somewhere behind a garage where the Summer tires on my car were changed to more appropriate ones. Time to get ready for Winter equipment to be on the safe side. Somehow this little object  attracted my attention and I imagined it to be a sort of tiny spaceship that could have landed there for unknown reasons to me. Or maybe just to let my imagination travel to outer space 😉

A few days ago, I visited a blog I enjoy reading because of the variety of its posts,  the helpful information, the many tips of all sorts. This is it :

There is a recent post called “Cool Science : What Earth Would Look Like With Rings Like Saturn”

Please go to this site and click on the vidéo (YouTube). You will not regret it.  Listen to the music, look at the amazing images and start dreaming. I simply loved it and felt like sharing this wonder with you. This image of a “transformer-spaceship” is the only picture I could think of to guide you to the Rings of Saturn.

One Response to “Galactic”

  1. iniyaal said

    The video you mentioned is amazing. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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