November 8, 2009

An oasis of peace and harmony. Three small ponds surrounded by reeds and trees where ducks,  swans, fish,  frogs and birds live together. Occasional songs and cries, swift dives in the water or wings flapping behing the bushes. Those are almost the only sounds beside your steps on dried leaves.

blue boat

The bright spark of an old blue boat resting on the grass.

lone chairA chair left at the edge of one of the ponds. A fisherman’s ?

I sat on it for a while looking at the reflections of the bare trees in the water and listening to the sounds of nature around me. Simply beautiful.

marais Lentigny, reflets


6 Responses to “wetland”

  1. All things nice.. said

    How peaceful, love the shadow of the bare trees in the water.

    All things nice…

  2. giiid said

    Your photos are very well chosen as illustration to your words,- and both humorous and beautiful.

  3. iniyaal said

    Nice photography. Lake with the bare trees and reflection is beautiful. Beautiful depiction of the start of winter. It is like your pictures talk, in a language that conveys a different message to every pair of eye that sees it.

  4. How nice to start the week, rather grey and rainy this morning, reading your nice comments ! Thank you iniyall, giiid and all things nice.

  5. ancientcloth said

    Beautiful and serene! You take such lovely
    photographs. I was imagining sitting in the
    chair and listening and breathing in the smells
    of the pond/lake. You have made even a grey day
    beautiful : )

  6. Your 3rd photograph has really captured that reflective feeling I recognize within me while observing nature exposed…trees with no leaves, no color, just a pure essence … as seen upon the water surface

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