Walking to the woods

November 1, 2009

golden leavesSoon they will be all gone, the golden leaves of our beautiful Autumn, the weather forecast for tomorrow is snow, falling up to 1000m. A cooler breeze is blowing already. The moon is almost full and as people say over here: “The new moon means a change of weather”. We’ll see… but in the meantime let’s go for a walk through the woods.Fall and patch 048A bench and table that went through better days and were used to see many picnics…automne, Gemmell 056The late afternoon sun playing hide and seek between branches, my favourite time and light to take pictures.

cows, FallA pause at the edge of a pasture where cows were peacefully grazing before  cooler days that will bring snow. Not too soon hopefully !

ma mosaique 3Some delicious boskoop apples were just waiting to be picked in a field near the forest. Walking back home I was looking forward to a tasty apple pie !

wishing you

7 Responses to “Walking to the woods”

  1. suehenryphotography said

    Such a nice peaceful post with the beautiful, rich colors of autumn. I especially enjoyed the sun streaking through the woods image as well as the last image.

  2. ancientcloth said

    Lovely photos! It is fall here too and your photos
    remind me of where I am. Enjoy the pie : )

  3. All things nice.. said

    Love your photographs, the colours of the autumn leaves are wonderful, is that your home with the shutter on the window? It looks so pretty.

    All things nice…

  4. Thank you all for your visit and comments. Much appreciated. And yes, All things nice, this is my home, kitchen window in fact, the view from there is pretty in all Season, I am grateful for this.

  5. All things nice.. said

    Its lovely Isa, you should take some more photos of it as it looks really charming

    All things nice…

  6. iniyaal said

    Beautiful photos… Colourful, yet sublime. Nice blog you have here.

  7. Isa thank you for the walk trough the woods. Third photograph with yellow leaves illuminated by the afternoon light in contrast with the couple of tree silhouettes really captured the mood. It’s always challenging to make effective composition with so many branches around and yet you managed to open up a small window and let us deep in the forest…tx

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