Autumnal quilt

October 25, 2009

This is a quilt I like to have around when Fall comes.  The walls of my home change as the seasons come and pass. I find that the shades of this particular quilt blend in  well with the colours of my surroundings: yellow, ochre, brown, green, rust. It  seems to capture all the rays of a sun that has lost its Summer warmth.

camaieu pastoral, automneIt is sewed mostly with precious leftovers  from other quilts.  French and English ancient fabrics, various silks and a pastoral scene on linen in golden tones.

The touch of these different materials is both soft and raw under your hands. The hand quilting adds a kind of uneven texture on materials that would normally be softer. Harmony in differences. I like it for the light it brings into the house and for the movement created by the various textures.camaieu detail

camaieu détail quilting


8 Responses to “Autumnal quilt”

  1. arlijohn said

    Wow, love the fabric in this quilt. Can see why you like it so much.

  2. ancientcloth said

    Beautiful Autumn colors! It exudes much warmth and
    coziness. I like that!

  3. giiid said

    I like your idea about changing the walls, I´m doing the same. The quilt is lovely with its golden colors, how nice that you have a golden autumn quilt ready, when the light decrease.

  4. Deanna said

    I love your precious quilt alive with colour and texture : – )

  5. Merci Mesdames 🙂 for your warm and encouraging comments. Have a lovely Autumn day, like mine over here.

  6. Dallas said

    I love quilt. That is a really beautiful quilt.

  7. Thank you for stopping by Dallas and sudha, I appreciate your comments.

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