Welcome to Fribourg

October 2, 2009

Fribourg, old town

Fribourg is a medieval town (the old part dates from the XIIth century) in Switzerland. It is situated in the French speaking part of the country but very close to the German speaking area.  A town of paved roads,  narrow lanes borded with old houses mostly restored in the ancient style. The sunrays bring out the beauty of some picturesque ancient constructions.

ruelle à FRThis is a town where you can walk for miles along the river Sarine which is a natural limit between two areas : Swiss French and Swiss German. A river coming down from the Alps and flowing slowly through Fribourg, although  it can be quite wild in the lower and ancient part of the town in the rainy season.

along the Sarine

Place à Fribourg 1Fribourg is also a town of squares  decorated with fountains of all styles. I love to sit there on a warm day reading a book or just enjoying the sun and watching people walking by. On the day I took this picture, it was freezing cold though, hardly anyone around… In Summertime Fribourg is a town where terraces bloom all over the place. A lively town which I enjoy visiting and meeting friends. These are just a few flashes of a town I live close by and which is well worth visiting if you are in the area (Geneva, Lausanne, Berne, Neuchâtel, Lucerne).

FR vu des 4 vents


6 Responses to “Welcome to Fribourg”

  1. All things nice.. said

    That is a charming town, does it have a large population? The ancient architecture is wonderful.

    All things nice..

  2. Sorry, I should have mentioned it. The population is about 33’000, not a big town at all.

  3. giiid said

    Thank you for telling about your town, I find it very interesting to learn about. Your photos are beautiful. I´m hoping for more :-)The name Fribourg is so similar to the name of the German town Freiburg…are ther any connection?

    • giiid, no connection between Freiburg in Brisgau (Germany) and Freiburg in Switzerland. Just the same name which in fact means “free town”. Fribourg is the French translation. Having three (even four) national languages, we are used in Switzerland to have different translations for the same place… a bit confusing at times 😉

  4. thepilgrimmage said

    It is so beautiful and very ancient.
    You can see it has many “stories” to tell.
    Thank you for sharing. It is like stepping
    into a new world.

  5. sartenada said

    The second photo from the top is gorgeus. It is so artistic photo!!! Freiburg seems to be worth of visit.

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