Mystery quilt

August 27, 2009

mystery quilt détail 1The birth of this quilt was a real difficult one. I thought I would never see the end of it. It was a kind of challenge, a mystery quilt that everyone in my quilting group had decided to sew in her own way some years ago. Each month a quilting friend from France sent us the instructions about a particular pattern. We never knew until six months later where all these different squares would lead us to. Curiosity and excitement finally won after the first difficult steps. I was quite happy of my first mystery quilt.

mystery quilt 003

We started by the center square. Four triangles of tiny pieces. Each side of the triangles about 2cm. The center square about 10cmx10cm. This is what I found so difficult right from the start: working with such small pieces.  In a way, it was good that the hardest part was done first, then all other patterns seemed so easy after it ! Green was the main colour in my quilt, together with a beige “paisley” cotton that had been waiting to be used for a long time. I like the warmth that the tiny red and yellow triangles added to the quilt. There is a mistake somewhere in the quilt but I have got so used to it that I cannot find it any longer…  Maybe you can ? mystery quilt détail 2

6 Responses to “Mystery quilt”

  1. giiid said

    Isa, your quilts are lovely. I hope you will show a lot more in the future.
    Maybe this link could be of interest for you:

  2. Thanks a lot for your appreciation and for the link. Grace’s art is beautifully inspiring ! And yes, I will post more of my quilting 🙂

  3. Karma said

    I love this! And what a fun idea! I’d love to try a mystery quilt!

    • Hi Karma ! You should try a mystery quilt too, this is fun and it makes you want to absolutely finish your work ! Two quilting groups made this mosaic and although we chose slightly different shades, all the quilts have their own style. Amazing.

  4. sartenada said

    So nice, so well done, lovable!

  5. Thanks again sartenada. Quite a job but well worth it.

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