Grandmother’s garden…

March 15, 2009

will be blooming soon again ! This is the name of a quilt I started sewing last Spring. Small hexagons of paper covered with fabrics I chosequilt-grandmothers-gardenamongst  my flowery materials. Flowers I would love to see in my own garden. All sewn by hand, it is a quilt that accompanies me wherever I travel.  Or when I sit outside in warmer days. I always carry a  few colourful hexagons with me. I worked on this quilt most of the past Summer.  This is how it looked then.grandmothers-garden-1

Then when cooler days came,  I went back to my sewing machine and started working on other quilts. Now and then I would add new pieces to my grandmother’s flower garden. I don’t know if and when I will ever complete it – it seems endless –  and so much fun ! but this is how it looks now anyway.aout-neyruz-vs-quilt-ls-139A quilt I really enjoy creating for the neverending variations one can bring to it, according to one’s mood or choice of fabrics. I simply love it. My dream garden.

“In The Fall, I harvested all my sorrows and burried them in my garden.

When April bloomed again, and the earth and the Spring celebrated their nuptials,

My garden was strewn with splendid and exceptional flowers”.

Khalil Gibran

(Le Sable et l’écume)

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