January 19, 2009


Blue, white, red, those are the colours of many countries’ banners around the world : France, my neighbour country is the first that comes to mind. Then a little further are the Netherlands, Iceland, Norway. Further still Liberia, Costa Rica, Australia and many more can claim the same colourful trio. Yet there is one in particular that I thought of a lot as I put together this mosaic  made of a blue stained glass window and fireworks.

The nation I thought of is the United States of America. Tomorrow, January 20, 2009, is a great, a historic Celebration Day in a  beautiful city of our blue planet, Washington, DC. In a few hours these colours will shine high and bright for the Inauguration Day of President-Elect,  Mr. Barack Obama. An immense crowd is converging to the capital from all over the country as well as from the whole world. An irresistible wave of people who just want to be there, to be part of these great moments of joy, of hope, of overwhelming emotion. The images I just saw on TV are just fascinating.  A glimpse only of what tomorrow will look like.

Tomorrow will be a long day. There will be unforgettable visions, words to remember and share. There will be this personal inner feeling of belonging to a future to be created together. Of course there will be joy, tears, laughter, attentiveness, gratitude. Surely there will be  faith and hope, the sort of faith that makes you believe in life and in the changes everyone is hoping for.

Green, they say, is the colour of hope. But let’s say that tomorrow there will be three colours for Hope : blue, white and red !

Happy,  Joyful, Wonderful Inauguration Day !

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